Fueling Up My Tank and My Wallet at Sam’s Club Gas in West Jordan

Getting the Best Bang for My Buck on Gas in Utah

As a busy mom of three kids living in West Jordan, Utah, I’m always looking for ways to stretch my dollar. With three growing kids playing sports and music, plus a husband who commutes to downtown Salt Lake City every day for work, our family puts a lot of miles on our minivan each week. We easily go through a tank of gas every few days. At today’s high gas prices, filling up the tank takes a big bite out of the family budget. That’s why I love tracking down the cheapest gas prices in West Jordan to keep some extra cash in my wallet.

My favorite place to fill up in West Jordan is the Sam’s Club on 7200 South. This convenient wholesale warehouse store offers members low fuel prices that often beat other major gas stations in the area. As a Sam’s Club member for over 5 years now, I’ve found their gas station saves me anywhere from $0.05 to $0.20 per gallon compared to nearby Chevron or Conoco stations. That adds up fast when you’re pumping 15-20 gallons at a time!

Just this morning I pulled up to the Sam’s Club fuel station with my gas light blinking. As I stepped out of the minivan, the strong smell of gasoline washed over me while my eyes darted to the bright yellow price sign. I smiled when I saw regular unleaded was currently priced at $2.47 per gallon. Given that the Chevron down the street was charging $2.59/gallon yesterday, I knew I’d save around $6 just by fueling up at Sam’s today. That’s a whole ‘nother iced coffee from Starbucks in my pocket!

Pumping Gas at 6am for Rock-Bottom Prices

Over the years, I’ve learned the best time to fill up at Sam’s Club is early in the morning right when the station opens. They seem to adjust their gas prices overnight, lowering them first thing around 6-7am. If I can drag myself out of bed and pump gas before dropping the kids at school, I can usually score the absolute lowest prices.

Just last Tuesday, I pulled up to the quiet gas station around 6:15am. The glowing sign showed unleaded gasoline was selling for $2.34/gallon that morning. My kids were still sleepy-eyed as I pumped almost 20 gallons into our van. I did some quick math and realized I was saving nearly $8 compared to filling up later that afternoon when prices might rise. That lucky early-bird fill up put enough gas in our tank to last the whole week!

Members Save 5-10 Cents Per Gallon

A common question I get from friends is whether you need a Sam’s Club membership to buy gas there. The answer is no – anyone can fill up at Sam’s Club fuel centers without being a member. However, members do enjoy special discounted gas prices that are usually 5 to 10 cents cheaper per gallon.

My husband and I have been Sam’s Club members for so long I can’t remember exactly how much we save at the pump. But I know that $45 annual membership fee pays for itself given how much gas we buy. For frequent fill-up customers like us, the per-gallon member savings really add up over the course of a year.

Just the other day, Sam’s Club was selling regular gas for $2.39 to the public but only $2.33 for members. With a 20 gallon fill-up, that 6 cent per gallon discount saved me $1.20 at that visit. Considering we easily hit the gas station 2-3 times per week, the annual savings from the member gas discount makes the $45 membership totally worthwhile.

Diesel and Premium Gas Available Too

While regular 87 octane gas is typically the big seller, the Sam’s Club fuel station also offers premium 91 octane gasoline as well as diesel fuel. My husband has been considering buying a used diesel truck and we’ve already scouted out the Sam’s Club diesel pumps which are conveniently located right next to the regular gas.

The prices on premium and diesel fluctuate just like regular gas. Right now premium gasoline is running around $2.59/gallon while diesel is $2.49/gallon. While John isn’t ready to take the leap to a diesel truck just yet, knowing Sam’s Club has clean, high-quality diesel at affordable prices makes the idea that much more appealing. Plus I’m sure he’d love saving 5-10 cents per gallon thanks to the member discount!

No More Paying Cash Inside!

I still remember the old days when you had to pre-pay inside the Sam’s Club store before filling up at the gas station outside. I dreaded waiting in yet another line just to be able to pump gas! Thankfully, today the gas pumps accept debit/credit right at the pump so you can fill up quickly and be on your way.

Sam’s Club gas even supports contactless payments like Apple Pay which I use daily. It’s so convenient to hold up my iPhone to the reader right on the pump and pay within seconds using Face ID. No more digging through my purse for my wallet or fumbling with messy cash. Contactless payments at the pump make getting gas easier than ever.

Monitoring Gas Prices with the Sam’s Club App

Because gas prices fluctuate daily, I rely heavily on the Sam’s Club mobile app to know when to fill up for less. The app makes it easy to view real-time gas prices at my local Sam’s Club fuel center. I can check gas prices anytime from my phone, which helps me identify the best timed fill-ups.

For example, yesterday I checked the app at lunchtime and saw regular gas was priced at $2.47/gallon. But later in the afternoon, I checked again before driving to pick up the kids and the price had jumped to $2.51/gallon. Seeing that price spike reminded me to hit the gas station first thing in the morning when prices might dip again. Having gas prices at my fingertips via the app is an absolute game changer!

No More Detours for Gas Stops

One thing I absolutely love about the Sam’s Club fuel station is how conveniently located it is right off I-15 in West Jordan. Since we drive by it nearly everyday shuttling kids to activities, it’s a quick detour off the freeway to fuel up. No more going miles out of my way when my gas tank is on E!

When we’re driving home from weekend trips up in the mountains or out at the sand dunes, that Sam’s Club gas station is my go-to fill up spot. I know I can quickly jump off I-15 at 7200 South, fuel up at their dozens of pumps with no wait time, and be on my way home. No need to hunt down unfamiliar gas stations in random neighborhoods. Easy on, easy off!

Quality Gas for High-Performance Vehicles

I’ll admit I used to think gas was gas and there wasn’t much difference between stations. But ever since my brother-in-law Evan taught me about Top Tier gas and fuel injector cleaners, I’ve become quite the gas snob! Apparently lower-quality gas can gunk up your engine over time.

Well, I learned that Sam’s Club fuel is certified Top Tier and receives regular injections of detergent additives to help keep engines clean. That gives me peace of mind that Sam’s Club gas will help my family’s vehicles – like our pricier SUV that we still owe money on – continue running smoothly for years to come. Paying a bit more attention to gas quality really does pay off.

Smiles at the Pump from Friendly Attendants

After years of visiting the same neighborhood gas station, you get used to seeing familiar faces. But the Sam’s Club team takes that friendliness to the next level. When I’m there, I’m always greeted by name and asked how my day’s going by super friendly attendants. They often have additional tips on current gas prices or upcoming fuel promotions I should know about.

Just the other week, Ana pointed out how buying a gift card inside gets you $10 off a future fuel purchase. I never would have known about that deal if not for her helpfulness. The little personal touches and smiles from the Sam’s Club gas team always brightens my day, even when I’m barely awake and filling my tank at 6am!

No Invites Needed for a Fill Up

Since Sam’s Club is a membership warehouse club, some people think you need an invite or sponsorship to shop there. Nope – anyone can swing by the gas station and fuel up without a membership! The gas pumps are out front and totally accessible to the general public.

I often see folks in cars with no Sam’s Club stickers gassing up when I’m there. If you’re just looking for gas and snacks, you can skip the membership and shop away. Now joining as a full member definitely saves me more money in the long run. But it’s good knowing that anyone needing a fill up can stop by without a membership and still enjoy Sam’s Club quality fuel.

Saving My Family Money in More Ways Than One

As a mom, filling up the family minivan is just one small piece of my job. I’m also shopping for groceries, buying school supplies, and trying to stock up on household items all on a budget. That’s why a Sam’s Club membership that saves money on both gas and bulk shopping is so valuable.

Just this weekend, I swung through Sam’s Club to take advantage of a sale on paper towels, laundry detergent, and other home essentials. Paired with the discounted gas, that wholesale shopping trip saved my family over $100 compared to normal grocery runs. Sam’s Club makes it easy to score savings in more ways than one.

So for West Jordan residents like me trying to stretch our budget, Sam’s Club gas is the undisputed champ. The unbeatable fuel prices, quality gasoline, convenient location right off I-15, and friendly staff keep me coming back week after week. I know I’ll keep fueling our family minivan at Sam’s Club for the foreseeable future. My wallet thanks me – and my kids think it’s just cool to visit the “big store” and get snacks at the cafe!

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