14K White Gold 1 Carat Lab Grown Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring



Make a bold and brilliant statement with this stunning 14K white gold engagement ring featuring a dazzling 1 carat round cut lab grown diamond. This classic solitaire setting with 6 prongs securely holds the eye-catching diamond, allowing it to sparkle radiantly. Crafted with 14K white gold known for its beautiful shine and hypoallergenic properties, this ring makes the perfect gift for popping the big question.

Unmatched Brilliance of Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have the same exceptional physical, chemical, and optical qualities as mined diamonds, so this man made diamond has the same dazzling brilliance and fire. Created under meticulously controlled conditions, this environmentally friendly diamond rates H-I in color and VS2-SI1 in clarity as per GIA/IGI standards. With its crisp, colorless appearance and minimal inclusions, this lab diamond looks amazing to the naked eye.

The round brilliant cut maximizes the diamond’s reflective properties, making it appear larger and more radiant. As you move the ring, flashes of rainbow light will erupt as the diamond’s precisely cut facets reflect and refract light. This lab created diamond is guaranteed to have the same sparkling beauty as a mined diamond but at a fraction of the price.

Timeless and Traditional Solitaire Setting

This engagement ring features the iconic 6 prong solitaire setting that fully showcases the center stone. The slender prongs rise up to cradle the diamond in a delicate yet secure embrace. This minimalist setting puts all the focus on the dazzling lab grown diamond.

With its single diamond design, this solitaire ring evokes timeless elegance and tradition. The raised stone and streamlined band create a profile that appears delicate yet substantial. Simple and classic, this ring makes a romantic statement about forever love. It will look as beautiful decades from now as it does today.

Durable 14K White Gold Construction

The ring is crafted from solid 14K white gold, providing an enduring and secure setting for the precious diamond. Known for its bright white luster and resistance to tarnishing, 14K white gold is the ideal metal to complement the colorless, icy sparkle of the diamond. This precious metal is also hypoallergenic, making it perfect even for those with sensitive skin.

The petite split shank band adds dimension to this solitaire ring’s silhouette. Sculptural and slender, the band gracefully contours to the finger. An engraved inner band adds a subtle textural detail. At approximately 2mm, the band strikes an ideal balance between delicate elegance and sturdy construction.

Ideal for Proposals and Special Gifts

This exquisite diamond ring makes the ultimate engagement ring to symbolize your commitment. A solitaire diamond set in 14K white gold represents enduring love and the start of a new chapter together. Give your true love the proposal she deserves with this lab grown diamond ring that looks every bit as gorgeous as a mined diamond ring.

This ring also makes a lovely gift for other special occasions in your loved one’s life. Surprise your wife with this diamond ring on your 10th anniversary to renew your bond. A sparkling diamond solitaire can commemorate the birth of a child, graduation, new job, or any milestone. It’s a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

GIA/IGI Certified and Insured by Jeweler’s Mutual

An official certificate from GIA or IGI accompanies this ring, certifying the authenticity and quality characteristics of the center diamond. This respected independent grading report verifies the diamond’s carat weight, cut, clarity, and color.

For further reassurance, this ring comes insured by Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance Company. Their protection means you can enjoy your ring with confidence and peace of mind.

30 Day Returns and Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our rings and your satisfaction. Enjoy a 30 day return period from the date of delivery. Returns must be in original condition with the certificate.

Your ring is also protected by our lifetime warranty which covers any damage to the center diamond or structural damage to the setting. Our knowledgeable customer service team is here to answer any questions and assist with any warranty needs.

An Engagement Ring with Meaning

Make a commitment to your beloved with a ring that holds more meaning than any mined diamond. Lab grown diamonds are graded by the same standards, have identical beauty, but do not carry the same environmental and ethical concerns. Give your true love the breathtaking ring she’s always imagined while also giving back to the planet.

This gorgeously crafted ring proves that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty or quality to make the conscientious choice. Your love is brilliant – now let it shine. Make a smart investment in your relationship with this stunning lab diamond solitaire ring.


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