AHTAMOS Timeless Moss Agate Ring Set with Moissanite Accents – Sterling Silver Engagement Ring with Healing Stone



Discover natural beauty and elegance with this stunning moss agate ring set from AHTAMOS. Featuring a large kite-cut moss agate gemstone as the centerpiece, this ring radiates earthy vibes with its inclusion of lush green moss patterns. On either side of the moss agate sit two clear moissanite stones that add extra sparkle and shine. The entire ring is set in polished 925 sterling silver for a brilliant, luxe finish.

From the moment you open the box, you’ll be captivated by the organic textures and intricate details of this ring. Moss agate is beloved for its meditative green and brown tones that resemble lush moss growing on rocks or trees. No two moss agate stones are exactly alike, making yours uniquely beautiful. The translucent moissanite stones catch the light at all angles, emphasizing the ring’s glow.

Beyond beauty, this moss agate ring carries historical significance and meaning. since ancient times, moss agate has been thought to hold healing and protective energies. Metaphysical properties associated with moss agate include reducing anxiety, easing grief, and promoting vitality and abundance. When you need a boost of positive energy, simply gaze at your stunning moss agate ring.

For a perfect fit, this ring is available in sizes 5 through 9. The band is crafted in polished sterling silver for a comfortable and secure feel. Sterling silver provides the ideal metal backdrop that won’t detract from the moss agate’s natural tones. As an added bonus, the ring can be engraved for free to make it extra personal.

This moss agate ring set transitions seamlessly from day to night. Pair it with jeans and a tee for weekends or stack it with other statement rings for girls’ night out. The earthy moss agate stone and clear moissanites work with both casual and dressy looks. Whether you’re looking for a boho-chic accessory or modern elegant jewelry, this ring check both boxes.

For a meaningful gift that won’t soon be forgotten, this moss agate ring set tops the list. Surprise your wife, girlfriend, daughter or mom with the gift of healing energies and everlasting style. As a bridal set, engagement ring or anniversary band, it conveys your deep affection. The green moss agate symbolizes a flourishing relationship and the sterling silver represents durability.

Take advantage of our dedicated customer service team if you have any questions or concerns with your moss agate ring. We take pride in crafting quality jewelry that our customers love to wear for years to come. This moss agate ring will quickly become your go-to favorite that you stack with other AHTAMOS pieces.


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