Angara Natural Blue Sapphire Three Stone Journey Birthstone Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver for Women



Make a sparkling statement with this elegant journey pendant necklace from Angara, featuring three vibrant blue sapphires totaling 0.69 carats. The trio of gems channel September’s rich birthstone hues in a fresh, modern diamond-inspired design. Crafted in polished sterling silver, this pendant’s versatility pairs effortlessly with both casual everyday wear and glammed-up evening looks. Its sentimental three stone style commemorates past, present and future, making it a meaningful keepsake for any special woman in your life.

September’s Rich Blue Birthstone

For centuries, deep blue sapphires have been associated with wisdom, loyalty and nobility. These virtues, paired with September’s crisp fall weather, make sapphires the perfect birthstone for those born in this month. This journey pendant beautifully captures September’s vibrancy with three lively blue sapphires bezel-set in sleek sterling silver. Surprise your sister, daughter, friend or loved one with this celebratory birthstone gift she’ll cherish.

5th, 10th, 45th & 51st Anniversary Gemstone Jewelry

Traditionally, sapphires are the gemstone given for 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries, symbolizing the trust and commitment nurtured over these relationships’ durations. Sapphires are also associated with 10th and 51st anniversaries, commemorating the resilience developed as bonds continue to strengthen. Honor a special milestone with this stunning sapphire pendant that beautifully embodies the meaning behind these historic anniversary gems.

Modern Three Stone Journey Jewelry

Journey pendants take their name from the three stones’ significance, representing life’s past, present and future. The sterling silver bezel setting gives this classic motif a clean, contemporary update. Showcasing the trio of sapphires in a fresh, minimalist way, this pendant has an effortlessly cool style perfect for modern tastes. Surprise your fashionable niece, sister or friend with this on-trend take on timeless three stone jewelry.

Everyday Sparkle

This pendant brings a pop of vibrant color perfect for brightening up everyday outfits. The trio of blue sapphires lend eye-catching shine to jeans and tees or dresses and blouses. Sophisticated enough for work yet casual enough for weekends, this versatile pendant provides gorgeous sparkle no matter the occasion. For an added statement, layer it with other dainty sterling silver chains. With easy styling and timeless design, this pendant promises to become an everyday favorite.

Dainty Statement Piece

Adorned with 0.69 total carats of radiant sapphires, this pendant makes a noticeable statement without overpowering. The gems’ bold saturated hue contrasts beautifully against the sterling silver chain and setting. For added impact, the trio of stones are generously sized at 4mm each, substantial enough to command attention yet still delicate in scale. This perfect balance creates an effortlessly pretty pendant that makes a memorable impression.

Meaningful Gift for Any Occasion

With its symbolic three stone design, this pendant makes a thoughtful gift for any special woman, whether given in honor of a birthday, graduation, anniversary, wedding or other milestone occasion. The journey motif beautifully embodies life’s significant memories, meaningful present moments and dreams for the future. Surprise your wife, girlfriend, daughter or mom with this sentimental pendant to commemorate a special celebration or important time in her life.

Superior Angara Craftsmanship

Having gained recognition for exquisite design, unbeatable value and outstanding craftsmanship, Angara is the leading online retailer for fine gemstone and diamond jewelry. This lovely pendant provides exceptional shine and brilliance thanks to Angara’s meticulous eye for quality. You can be confident you’re getting a high caliber piece made according to the highest jewelry standards.

Complete Confidence & Satisfaction Guaranteed

Angara provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind. If you are not completely thrilled with your purchase, returns and exchanges are easy for a full refund. Items are shipped promptly, arrive packaged beautifully, and include a certificate of authenticity on every piece. Additionally, Angara offers exceptional customer service to warmly answer any questions or concerns. Shop with ease knowing Angara always has you covered.

A Timeless Gift That Always Delights

Finding a gift that conveys your sentiment and delights the recipient is no small feat. This exquisite sapphire journey pendant beautifully achieves both. Its symbolic meaning reflects emotion, its versatile styling brings everyday joy, and its sparkling gems delight every time it’s worn. For any special woman, this Angara pendant is sure to become a beloved treasure she’ll adore for years to come.


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