Angara Natural Ruby and Diamond Pendant Necklace in 14K White Gold – Elegant July Birthstone Jewelry for Women



Discover the deep, rich beauty of natural rubies with this stunning pendant necklace from Angara. Featuring an oval-cut natural ruby weighing approximately 0.2 carats, this pendant has timeless elegance perfect for any occasion. The ruby’s deep red hue contrasts beautifully with the sparkle of a single round diamond weighing 0.01 carats. Set in lustrous 14k white gold, this pendant necklace makes a meaningful gift for a loved one born in July or anyone who appreciates natural gemstone jewelry.

An Ancient Stone with Meaning

The ruby has been prized for millennia as one of the world’s most precious gemstones. In ancient Hindu texts, the glowing red stone was associated with the life force and vigor. Rubies were believed to contain an inner flame that could never be extinguished. Ancient medics prescribed powdered rubies for ailments ranging from poisoning to impotence. Burmese warriors adorned their armor with rubies before going into battle. They believed the stones made them invincible in combat. Today rubies continue to symbolize passion, energy, and power.

Natural Rubies Are Rare and Valuable

While all rubies have the same chemical composition, natural rubies are rare and valuable gems. Rubies form over millions of years as aluminum oxide crystallizes in rock under extreme heat and pressure. The element chromium provides the ruby’s signature red color in varying shades from pink to deep crimson. The most prized rubies display a vivid, saturated red described by gemologists as “pigeon’s blood.” Only a tiny fraction of the rubies mined worldwide qualify as natural pigeon’s blood rubies. Others undergo heat treatment to improve their color and clarity. This pendant features an untreated natural ruby displaying the fire and brilliance associated with July’s birthstone.

The Perfect Gift for July Birthdays

In 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers officially adopted the ruby as July’s birthstone. It quickly became a popular gift for loved ones born in the peak of summer. Rubies represent the season’s vibrant energy and warm glow. Their deep crimson hue echoes July’s ripe raspberries and tomatoes. As an ancient talisman for good health, rubies bring blessings on new births. Their hardness and durability also symbolize enduring love and commitment. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a July birthday, look no further than this ruby and diamond pendant necklace. It’s sure to become a beloved keepsake.

Diamonds Add Sparkle and Elegance

While the ruby steals the show as July’s birthstone, it also pairs beautifully with diamonds. The diamond’s luminous clarity highlights the ruby’s flaming hue. In this pendant, a round single diamond adds a pop of brilliance beneath the central gem. The versatile oval pendant measures 0.59 inches by 0.47 inches, suspended from an 18-inch cable chain. The chain’s length is ideal for wearing the pendant long or doubling up for a shorter, choker-style necklace. Everything about this pendant necklace represents classic sophistication and timeless luxury.

Angara’s Commitment to Fine Jewelry

Angara is committed to providing fine jewelry known for exceptional craftsmanship and quality gemstones. Founded in 2005, the family-run company offers classic and contemporary collections across a spectrum of prices. Each piece passes through multiple inspections to ensure it meets Angara’s high standards. This ruby and diamond pendant features Angara’s exemplary design, precious metals, and artisanal construction. It arrives in an Angara gift box ready for giving to someone special.

The ruby’s rarity and deep color make it one of the world’s most treasured gemstones. This pendant necklace from Angara does it justice, accentuating the natural ruby’s unique beauty. For understated elegance with standout appeal, this is a jewelry gift sure to impress. Express your love beautifully with the fiery beauty of July’s birthstone.


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