Angara Natural Ruby Teardrop Pendant with Diamond in 14K White Gold – Stunning July Birthstone Necklace



Make a statement with the breathtaking beauty of this Angara ruby teardrop pendant necklace. Featuring an elegant teardrop silhouette accented by a sparkling diamond, this exquisite pendant highlights a 1.15 carat natural ruby. The bold ruby has a saturated pigeon’s blood red hue, displaying the fiery brilliance for which July’s birthstone is renowned. Suspended from an 18-inch chain, this stunning pendant necklace makes an unforgettable gift for any occasion.

The Fiery Brilliance of Natural Rubies

For millennia, the ruby has been one of the world’s most coveted gemstones. Ancient Hindus called it the “king of gems” and believed it contained an inextinguishable inner flame. The ruby’s signature red color results from trace amounts of the element chromium. While all rubies have the same chemical composition, only about 1% possess the vivid red with blue undertones defined as pigeon’s blood. These rare, natural rubies with unmatched color saturation are the most precious. The teardrop ruby in this pendant is an untreated, natural stone with the much-desired pigeon’s blood hue.

Jewelry Fit for Royalty

Throughout history, rubies have adorned the jewelry collections of royalty and aristocracy. They were beloved by Mughal emperors and maharajas of India, who viewed them as bringers of good fortune. Burmese warriors inserted rubies into their skin before battles, believing they made them invincible. Elizabeth Taylor wore her cherished ruby jewelry frequently. She stated, “I love wearing rubies because they make me feel like a queen.” This Angara pendant provides everyday luxury fit for a queen with its bold teardrop ruby.

A Meaningful Birthstone Gift

In 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers declared the ruby as July’s official birthstone. It joins carnelian as the traditional birthstone for those born in the heat of summer. The ruby’s glowing hue and enduring hardness carry many symbolic meanings. Its rich color speaks of love, passion, and vitality. Ancient Hindus viewed rubies as containers of life force and divine blood. Rubies also represent strength, confidence, and wisdom. If you’re seeking a special gift for a loved one’s July birthday, a ruby pendant is perfect for expressing what’s in your heart.

A Touch of Sparkle

While the teardrop ruby mightily holds its own, the addition of a small round diamond gives this pendant extra sparkle. The 0.105 carat diamond provides exquisite contrast next to the large ruby’s uniform color. Its brilliance draws the eye upward toward the pendant’s pointed tip. The diamonds’ clarity and radiance have symbolized enduring love for centuries. Rubies and diamonds together embody strength and passion, making gorgeous jewelry for celebrating special bonds.

Everyday Elegance

Angara envisions this pendant as part of daily life and celebrations. The versatile teardrop pendant measures 1.06 inches long suspended from an 18-inch cable chain. Wear it long over sweaters and blouses or double up the chain for a snug choker necklace. Dress it up with an evening gown or pair it with jeans and a t-shirt. The flowing teardrop design feels substantial yet lightweight. It adds a graceful pop of color and luxury to every outfit. For everyday elegance with standout appeal, this ruby pendant is a meaningful keepsake.

Give an Heirloom-Quality Gem

Angara provides timeless jewelry designed to become future heirlooms. The family-run company handles each piece with care,maintaining high quality standards. Every ruby passes extensive inspection to ensure it meets Angara’s specifications for premium gems. Master jewelers create settings that maximize each stone’s brilliance and appeal. This pendant arrives in an Angara gift box, ready for treasuring for years to come.

The fiery radiance of the ruby has captivated jewelry lovers across cultures for thousands of years. This regal teardrop pendant necklace from Angara celebrates July’s birthstone in stunning fashion. For anyone fascinated by the ruby’s beauty, it’s sure to be a beloved addition to their jewelry collection. Express your love with the gift of an heirloom-quality ruby pendant necklace.


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