Clara Pucci 2 ct Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold



Experience the brilliance of forever with this stunning 2 carat princess cut moissanite solitaire engagement ring from Clara Pucci. The eye-catching center stone is a luxurious 2.0 ct brilliant princess cut moissanite, precision cut to achieve maximum fire and sparkle. With an impressive clarity rating of VVS1 and near colorless D color grading, this flawless gemstone will dazzle from every angle.

The moissanite is secured in a classic four prong setting crafted from solid 14k white gold. Designed to showcase the exquisite center stone, the setting provides the perfect balance of security and light refraction. Clara Pucci are experts at maximizing moissanite’s incredible brilliance through meticulous cut and setting design.

This premium quality solitaire ring is designed and manufactured in the USA. Clara Pucci specialize in moissanite jewelry, bringing you pieces with unmatched quality. The moissanite and precious metals used in their designs are ethically sourced and rigorously tested for quality assurance. Their team of skilled jewelers expertly set each stone to ensure optimal beauty and durability.

Moissanite: A Brilliant and Ethical Alternative to Diamond

Moissanite has fast become a popular alternative to diamond for engagement rings and fine jewelry. Often referred to as the “Space Gem”, moissanite is a rare mineral originally discovered in a meteor crater. Naturally occurring moissanite is incredibly scarce, so most moissanite used in jewelry is laboratory created.

The advanced production process results in moissanite with exceptional brilliance and fire. In fact, moissanite has double the refractive quality of traditional diamond. The dazzling stones exhibit an incredible rainbow sparkle unlike any other gemstone.

While similar in appearance to diamond, moissanite outperforms its expensive counterpart for a fraction of the price. Clara Pucci moissanite engagement rings give you stunning beauty without the shocking price tag. Moissanite is also an ethical, eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds.

An Heirloom Quality Ring Designed to Last

This moissanite engagement ring is crafted to become a treasured heirloom. The premium solid gold band has excellent durability to maintain its luxurious shine and structural integrity over decades of everyday wear. Unlike lower karat gold alloys, 14k white gold provides the ideal balance of gold content for hardness and that signature white gold color.

With proper care, your Clara Pucci moissanite ring will stay in pristine condition and retain its brilliance. The VVS1 clarity grade eliminates any visible inclusions that could affect long term beauty. To prevent buildup and cloudiness, routinely clean with warm water and mild soap. For added protection, apply jewelry cleaning solution or bring to your local jeweler for professional ultrasonic cleaning.

For peace of mind, Clara Pucci offer a limited warranty on all their moissanite jewelry. Contact their friendly customer service team for any questions or concerns about your ring. Clara Pucci takes pride in creating high quality moissanite rings built to become future family heirlooms.

An Engagement Ring with Timeless Elegance

This stunning moissanite engagement ring features a classic solitaire style cherished for generations. Princess cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts, loved for its elegant square shape and spectacular brilliance. The modern cut combines the sharp corners and flat plane of an emerald cut with the sparkling facets of a round brilliant.

With its four prong basket setting, this engagement ring is the picture of sophisticated simplicity. The minimalist design place emphasis on the eye-catching center gemstone. Four slender prongs hold the moissanite securely while allowing light to reflect off the stone from all angles.

Pair this Clara Pucci solitaire with a matching wedding band to create a cohesive bridal set. A contoured band will fit snugly against the engagement ring for seamless wear. The timeless design also pairs beautifully withstackable diamond bands. Wear one on your anniversary to signify your growing love and commitment.

Shop Clara Pucci moissanite rings to find the perfect expression of your love’s brilliance. Their collection of engagement rings and fine moissanite jewelry bring you stunning styles at accessible prices.


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