Clara Pucci 2 ct Round Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k Yellow Gold



Make a sparkling statement with this elegant 2 carat round moissanite solitaire engagement ring from Clara Pucci. The dazzling center stone is an ideal cut round moissanite weighing a substantial 2.0 ct. Crafted to maximize brilliance, this flawless VVS1 clarity moissanite has an impressive fire and sparkle.

The moissanite is set in a classic 6 prong basket setting made from rich 14k yellow gold. The carefully designed setting provides stability while allowing light to reflect off the sides and bottom of the stone. Clara Pucci expertise in moissanite cut design and jewelry crafting ensures optimal radiance.

This heirloom quality solitaire ring is proudly made in the USA. Clara Pucci uses only ethically sourced gemstones and premium solid gold for unparalleled quality. Their moissanite jewelry makes stunning engagement rings accessible to all budgets.

Moissanite: An Affordable Diamond Alternative

Moissanite engagement rings offer the look of a large diamond solitaire at a fraction of the cost. While similar in appearance, moissanite greatly outperforms traditional diamond in terms of brilliance and fire. The advanced production process creates colorless, flawless moissanite gems with exceptional clarity.

The refractive quality of moissanite is double that of a diamond, resulting in unmatched light performance. Moissanite stones exhibit a dazzling rainbow sparkle unlike any other gemstone. They are near colorless with D-E-F grades to match premium diamond color qualities.

This radiant moissanite solitaire has a color grade of D and VVS1 clarity for a flawless, transparent appearance. Enjoy stunning brilliance and fire without paying the shocking price tag of a large diamond solitaire.

Built to Last with Timeless Styling

This moissanite engagement ring is designed to become a treasured heirloom. The solid 14k yellow gold band has excellent durability, retaining its beautiful color and structural integrity with lifelong wear. Higher gold content like 14k provides ideal hardness and hue.

The six prong basket setting securely holds the moissanite while allowing light to enter unobstructed. With a VVS1 clarity grade, the stone has no visible inclusions even under close inspection that could affect long term beauty. Proper care will keep your ring looking like new. Gently clean with mild soap and water to prevent buildup and cloudiness.

Clara Pucci stands behind their craftsmanship and moissanite quality with a limited warranty. Their team is happy to address any questions or concerns about your engagement ring. Give her a symbol of your love built to last.

This solitaire features a classic six prong setting for timeless style. Round brilliant is the most iconic diamond cut, prized for its dazzling facets and symmetrical shape. The ideal cut maximizes moissanite’s brilliance for showstopping sparkle. Pair with a matching contoured wedding band for a cohesive bridal set.

Stunningly Brilliant Moissanite

Discovered in a meteorite crater, moissanite is incredibly rare in nature. Most moissanite gems are man-made, allowing for flawless clarity unachievable with mined diamonds. Advanced production techniques create vibrant moissanite with fire and brilliance exceeding traditional diamond.

Moissanite is also a socially responsible alternative to diamond. Clara Pucci believes fine jewelry should celebrate your love, not harm the planet. Their moissanite is ethically sourced and 100% conflict free.

With VVS1 clarity and D color grading, this eye-catching solitaire has the same exquisite qualities as top-tier diamond, outperforming it in sparkle and shine. Give an engagement ring that captures the brilliance of your once-in-a-lifetime love.

Shop the Clara Pucci moissanite collection for stunning engagement rings and jewelry. Their moissanite solitaires bring you exceptional craftsmanship and dazzling beauty at accessible prices. Express your love with the gift of forever.


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