Dazzle with Nature’s Beauty in this Italian Sterling Silver Multi-Row Heart Bracelet



Adorn your wrist with romance and organic elegance in this striking multi-row heart bracelet handcrafted from polished Italian sterling silver. With its three strands of graduating heart links, this graceful bracelet makes a meaningful gift for any occasion.

This stunning bracelet features three strands of highly polished heart links in graduating sizes. The largest hearts measure 1/2 inch wide, intricately carved with a petite heart outline at the center. Each strand is secured by round sterling silver beads for a cohesive finish.

The three strands of hearts intertwine fluidly like vines, with the smaller hearts nestling playfully between the larger ones. As your wrist moves, the hearts dance and catch the light. Whether dressed up or casual, the cascading rows of hearts add delicate femininity and sentimental style to every outfit.

At the clasp, two strands fasten securely together with lobster clasps. The third strand features a spring ring clasp for easy opening and a comfortable fit. When clasped, the three strands measure 8 inches around for a modern, on-trend layered bracelet look. But you can also double wrap the bracelet strands for a more snug fit.

Artistry in Polished Italian Sterling Silver

This remarkable bracelet exemplifies the masterful metalworking techniques passed down for generations in Italy’s jewelry workshops. It is crafted entirely from sterling silver, hallmarked with the .925 stamp signifying 92.5% pure silver.

While sterling silver is revered for its beauty, it also provides important durability. The purity of the silver gives it a lovely bright shine that will not tarnish or fade. So you can enjoy this heirloom-quality bracelet every day.

Highly skilled Italian artisans hand form and polish each individual heart link, carving the smaller heart outlines by hand. The result is hearts that feel substantial in your hand, smoothing over your skin. The polished finish reflects light brilliantly, making this bracelet shimmer from every angle.

As sterling silver is so soft and pliable, strengthening alloys like copper must be added. The Italian artisans expertly shape and harden the metal while retaining its supple feel. Each heart moves freely along the strands, contouring smoothly to your wrist.

Thanks to the outstanding italian craftsmanship, you can expect this bracelet to become even more beautiful with time. The links will gradually take on a patina, glowing with a richer, antique sheen.

Nature’s Timeless Beauty Captured in Silver

The heart shape holds universal, timeless appeal. Representing love, relationships and strong emotions, the heart is one of the most iconic symbols across cultures. In nature, hearts appear in flowers, leaves, trees, and gemstones.

The heart shape has long been found in jewelry for its sentimental symbolism. But this bracelet takes the heart motif to the next level. The strands of graduating heart links are inspired by vines cascading down a garden wall or trellis. Like ivy or passionflower, the hearts seem to be organically intertwined.

The styling is also reminiscent of natural elements like vines, feathers, or teardrops. Each silver heart has a tactile, hand-hewn quality, as if truly shaped by nature itself.

As you wear this bracelet, you will find joy in how the heart links lay so gracefully along your wrist. The hearts contour smoothly no matter how your wrist moves. It’s easy to imagine the hearts dancing fluidly together like falling leaves fluttering in the breeze.

Let this bracelet reflect your own natural rhythm and peaceful energy. The hearts speak to relationships, self-love, growth, and vitality. Make this gorgeous bracelet your personal reminder to open your heart and nurture your own nature.

The Perfect Handcrafted Gift for Any Occasion

Thanks to its sentimental style, this radiant multi-heart bracelet makes the perfect meaningful gift. It arrives beautifully packaged in a Ross-Simons gift box, ready for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and any occasion.

The multi-row styling is on-trend and universally flattering. Lucky recipients will cherish the polished Italian silver hearts wrapping fluidly around their wrist. Each heart is a reminder of your love and appreciation.

Since 1920, Ross-Simons has delivered exceptional customer service along with fine jewelry directly from Italy. Browse their collection today to discover more handcrafted Italian bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces to cherish for a lifetime. With Ross-Simons, quality craftsmanship and your satisfaction are guaranteed.

Give her a gift straight from your heart with this stunning sterling silver multi-row heart bracelet, crafted by hand in Italy just for you. The intertwined hearts in polished silver will make a romantic statement she’ll never forget.


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