“Dazzling Moissanite Engagement Ring – True Brilliance & Lasting Love”



This exquisite moissanite engagement ring beautifully captures the radiance of true love. With its brilliant round cut center stones and accent diamonds set in lustrous 14k white gold, it’s a ring that’s sure to take her breath away.

Sophisticated Three Stone Design

The three stunning moissanite center stones total 2 carats and feature the ideal cut for maximum fire and brilliance. Their VVS1 clarity grade means the stones are virtually flawless to the naked eye, with no visible inclusions. And a colorless D color grade gives them exceptional whiteness for a dazzling, icy sparkle. No detail has been overlooked in the careful crafting of this remarkable ring!

Dazzling Round Moissanite

Moissanite gemstones have unmatched brilliance and fire that truly exceeds that of a diamond. Their refractive quality is scientifically proven to be higher than a diamond, with double the fire! These responsibly sourced moissanite stones will stay as vibrant through a lifetime of wear.

Accent Diamonds Add Extra Sparkle

Adding even more sparkle are the genuine accent diamonds along the band. Their collective 0.33 carat weight provides the perfect extra pop to complement the eye-catching centerpieces.

Premium 14K White Gold

The precious 14k white gold band provides a lovely warm, white metal backdrop that enhances the stones’ radiance. This is solid gold, with a crown stamp verifying its 14k purity and quality craftsmanship. It provides lasting durability to hold the diamonds securely in place.

Made in USA

This ring is proudly designed, manufactured, and sold in the USA. It arrives in an elegant gift box, perfect for presenting to your beloved.

Celebrate Your Love

Make a statement about your enduring love and commitment with this striking three stone moissanite ring. Its brilliant elegance will be treasured for anniversaries and sparkling moments to come. Let it be a symbol of your pledge to grow together in marriage through the years ahead.

More About Moissanite Brilliance

Moissanite gemstones are scientifically engineered to deliver optical properties that exceed even those of a diamond. Their fire, brilliance, and luster far outshine that of a diamond in the following ways:

  • Higher refractive index than a diamond – This means more light enters the stone and gets refracted back to the eye, producing exceptional brilliance.
  • Higher dispersion than a diamond – This creates more fire and flashing rainbow colors visible when the stone is moved.
  • Greater luster than a diamond – More light gets reflected back, giving moissanite its bright, lively appearance.

All of these qualities make moissanite an absolutely dazzling, standout choice for an engagement ring. Your bride-to-be will be wowed by its stunning beauty!

Responsibly Sourced

We proudly use moissanite gems that are laboratory grown under strict quality control. This ensures they have exceptional brilliance and ethically sourced origins.

Our Promise

We stand behind the quality of our moissanite engagement rings and the craftsmanship of their design. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. The ring arrives in a lovely gift box and pouch along with a warranty card and appraisal.

Celebrate your love with a ring that truly dazzles – this brilliant moissanite engagement ring is sure to leave her speechless! Add to cart today to make her dreams come true.


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