Eterbeau Hexagon Hoops – 14K Gold Plated Hoop Earrings for Women, Delicate and Stylish



Introduce captivating geometric flair to your jewelry collection with these chic hexagon hoop earrings from Eterbeau. Expertly crafted with lustrous 14K gold plating, these delicate hoops feature a slim, streamlined hexagonal shape that adds modern edge to any look.

The sleek hexagonal silhouette provides an alluring update to the classic hoop design. Each pair undergoes painstaking polishing to achieve seamlessly smooth edges and maximum radiance from the high-quality plating. With an exterior diameter of just 20mm, these petite hex hoops lend subtle geometric detail without overpowering your style.

Versatile and Fashion-Forward

Hexagons remain a top fashion jewelry trend, beloved for their edgy yet artistic vibe. These 14K gold plated hexagon hoops offer effortless style perfect for every day. Their chic shape integrates easily into both casual weekend looks and professional work outfits, providing eye-catching flair without going overboard.

The slim, lightweight silhouette complements any outfit, from jeans and tees to dresses and blazers. These hex hoops transition seamlessly from running errands to dinner dates and everywhere in between. With their versatile hexagonal shape, you’ll want to show off these glamorous hoops with every ensemble.

Everyday Luxury

Elevate your daily style with the added touch of luxury only 14K gold can provide. Our hoops are plated in 14K yellow gold for unparalleled shine and warmth. The higher karat gold provides a brilliant tone and opulent finish that cheaper plating simply can’t match.

Even with regular wear, the 14K gold plating maintains its luxurious gleam. It’s built to last so you can enjoy these hoops for seasons to come. Express your elegant side each day with the sophisticated luxury of 14K gold.

Designed for Comfort

Beauty meets comfort in these chic 14K gold hexagon hoop earrings. They feature textured inner circles to prevent slipping and irritation. Smooth, beveled edges ensure the hoops glide seamlessly through pierced ears to provide a perfect, tailored fit.

With a lightweight, balanced silhouette, these hex hoops won’t pull or droop uncomfortably. The petite 20mm size prevents overpowering your ears for all-day comfort. Each component receives fine polishing for soft, gentle contact against your skin. Treat yourself to effortlessly luxurious style and comfort every time you wear these radiant hoops.

Durable and Hypoallergenic

You can enjoy these dazzling 14K gold plated hexagon hoops with confidence and peace of mind. The tarnish-resistant 14K gold plating retains its opulent finish over time so you always look your best. It’s specially formulated to resist wear, discoloration and scratches even with daily use.

We plate over brass and infuse the metal with copper to strengthen the earrings and prevent common irritations. The hypoallergenic materials make these hoops suitable and comfortable for those with metal sensitivities.

Built to last through everyday wear, our hexagon hoops will maintain their brilliant luster and structure for years of stylish use. Their long-lasting durability and hypoallergenic properties allow you to wear them with confidence and ease.

Perfectly Paired

Show off your edgy side by rocking these chic hex hoops solo, or turn up the volume by pairing them with other earrings. The 14K gold offers beautiful warmth that pairs effortlessly with earrings of any metal tone.

For days you want to make a bold statement, accents these hexagons with cuffs or studs in rose gold, sterling silver or stainless steel. When aiming for delicate sophistication, mix and match with our slim huggies or petite studs.

With their stylish versatility, these 14K gold hex hoops complete any curated pair for fashion-forward flair. Express your unique style by playing with different earring combinations.

Thoughtful Gift

Share the gift of effortless luxury with these 14K gold plated hexagon hoops. Their chic shape reflects modern tastes while the gold plating provides timeless appeal. Presented in an elegant gift box, these hoops make an unforgettable birthday, holiday or bridesmaid gift.

Surprise your trendy teenager, sophisticated mom, glamorous bridesmaid or cherished friend with these gleaming hoops, perfect for their personal style. Express your love through the gift of 14K gold jewelry designed to lift their look every single day.

Our Brand Promise

Here at Eterbeau, your satisfaction means the world to us. We employ meticulous craftsmanship and strict quality control to bring you stunning 14K gold plated jewelry. Our brand promise goes beyond the initial purchase to provide friendly, prompt customer care should any issue arise with your hexagon hoop earrings. Simply reach out so we can make it right to your complete satisfaction!

We want you to love your Eterbeau hex hoops and wear them with confidence and joy for years to come. Browse our store to explore more radiant, everyday luxury jewelry made just for you. Bring elevated style into your life with stunning earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings from Eterbeau!


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