Find Everlasting Brilliance with These Stunning Longlove Moissanite Engagement Rings



Welcome to luxury and sparkle beyond your wildest dreams! Longlove’s exquisite moissanite engagement rings offer stunning beauty and quality rivaling natural diamonds – at just a fraction of the price. Let your inner radiance shine with the dazzling fire of our handcrafted rings featuring lab-created moissanite stones and elegant sterling silver settings.

Genuine Moissanite for Exceptional Brilliance

The highlight of these breathtaking rings is the 100% real moissanite center stones. Moissanite gemstones have nearly identical properties as diamonds, with unparalleled brilliance, fire, and durability that withstands everyday wear. Our moissanite is certified by GRA with guaranteed D-color grade and VVS1 clarity for exceptional radiance. Each stone passes rigorous diamond testing, rating an impressive 100% on diamond testers.

Moissanite outperforms other gemstones like cubic zirconia and other diamond simulants. Its incredible refractive index and double refraction produce stunning rainbow-hued flashes of light. Our hand-selected moissanite center stones have maximized cut quality to ensure unmatched fire and sparkle.

Timeless Six Prong Crown Design with Elegant Side Stones

These rings beautifully combine classic design with contemporary details. A crown-inspired six prong setting secures the brilliant 1 ct, 1.5 ct or 2 ct moissanite center gem. No detail is overlooked – even the prong tips are milgrained for a luxe touch.

Encircling the center moissanite are 16 accent moissanite stones in an elegant ribbon motif along the slender band. Their graduated sizes add delicate flair. The moissanite side stones total 0.5 ct and come in G-H color grades with high clarity, providing extra shine.

Available in Multiple Sizes for a Customized Fit

Finding your perfect fit is easy with our range of sizes from 4 to 10.5, including half sizes. Each ring order also includes a bonus high-quality ring adjuster so you can further tune the fit. The adjuster prevents spinning, slipping, or lost rings.

Choose from 1 ct, 1.5 ct or 2 ct center stones to find your ideal look. The six prong crown settings securely hold the moissanite gems in place so you can enjoy worry-free everyday wear.

Sterling Silver Band for Comfort and Hypoallergenic Wear

These stunning moissanite rings are set in smooth sterling silver bands, chosen for comfort, durability and hypoallergenic properties. Sterling silver holds up beautifully to daily wear and has anti-tarnish properties to maintain its luminous shine.

The high-polished finish adds a stylistic touch while also increasing the reflective properties that make the moissanite stones sparkle. Together the materials create comfortable, gorgeous rings meant to be treasured for a lifetime.

Beautiful Packaging for Gift Giving

Longlove encases the rings in an elegant presentation box with plush velvet interior – perfect for proposing or gifting for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and more! The floating display case makes a big visual impact for a special moment she’ll always remember.

Surprise your girlfriend, fiancée or wife with one of these stunning rings to represent your commitment, celebrate an important milestone, or just to remind her how much you love her! The dazzling moissanite will make her feel like true royalty.

Wear Every Day or for Special Occasions

These moissanite engagement rings transition effortlessly from everyday wear to special occasions. Their timeless beauty complements both casual and formal outfits, from jeans and tees to cocktail dresses and gowns. The brilliant moissanite adds that perfect finishing touch of sparkle to any look.

Let the light dance off these rings during romantic date nights, family gatherings, weddings, nights out with friends, professional events, and whenever you want to feel your absolute best!

Complimentary Bridal Sets Available

Complete your bridal moissanite jewelry suite with one of Longlove’s matching moissanite wedding bands or earrings. Our moissanite bridal sets are perfectly color-matched to tie together beautifully. Surround yourself in the glow of moissanite!

Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed

Longlove individually inspects each of these moissanite rings prior to sale to guarantee quality. We choose all center stones, side stones, and ring settings with care to bring you jewelry built to last. Your satisfaction is important – please reach out if you have any concerns and we will promptly address them!

Treat yourself or a loved one to the brilliant sparkle of these Longlove moissanite rings. Their dazzling beauty will take her breath away!


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