FINEROCK Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring in 10K Gold



Make a show-stopping proposal with this striking blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring from FINEROCK’s bridal collection. Designed to wow your bride-to-be, this ring captivates with its dazzling combination of an emerald-cut blue sapphire center stone and round brilliant white diamonds set in lustrous 10K yellow gold.

As an alternative to a traditional diamond solitaire, the vibrant blue sapphire creates an eye-catching focal point. Sapphires are treasured not only for their stunning range of blue hues but also for their durability – rating 9 on the Mohs scale. This sapphire’s emerald-cut shape elegantly displays the gem’s saturated color and prismatic brilliance.

The emerald-cut blue sapphire measures 0.15 carats, with a cut grade of Very Good that ensures optimal light refraction. This substantial center stone is accented by a halo of 16 round white diamonds. These diamonds have an I1-I2 clarity rating, meaning they contain minor natural inclusions that are barely visible to the naked eye. What they lack in flawlessness they make up for in fire and sparkle, surrounding the blue sapphire with a dazzling frame.

Both the sapphire and halo diamonds are securely held in meticulously crafted four-prong basket settings. The prong setting allows maximum light to enter the stones, amplifying their radiance. The streamlined 4-prong design provides a secure hold while drawing attention to the gems.

Framing the center sapphire and halo diamonds are rows of additional round white diamonds. These diamonds extend halfway down the band on either side in an eternity setting. With 10 diamonds on each side, the total diamond carat weight is 0.1 carats. The combination of the halo and eternity diamonds creates the alluring look of a much larger center stone.

The band itself is expertly cast in shining 10K yellow gold. While less expensive than 14K or 18K gold, 10K gold is more durable, keeping your ring intact and lustrous for daily wear. The rich yellow gold provides the perfect complementary setting for the vivid blue sapphire.

From the delicate diamond accents to the polished gold band, this engagement ring exemplifies FINEROCK’s fine craftsmanship and commitment to outstanding quality. Their team of expert jewelry artisans oversees every detail, from sourcing ethically mined diamonds to setting each stone for maximum security and fire. The result is a ring that displays artisanal detail and contemporary elegance.

Surprise your love with the gift of dazzling blue and white sparkle. This eye-catching sapphire and diamond ring will be treasured as a meaningful symbol of your lifelong commitment and passion. Let the brilliant sapphire represent your everlasting love, while the halo of diamonds evokes your infinite devotion.


  • Emerald-cut blue sapphire center stone, 0.15 carats
  • 16 round white diamonds in halo setting, 0.01 carats
  • 20 round white diamonds in eternity setting, 0.1 carats total
  • Diamonds are I1-I2 clarity
  • 10K yellow gold band
  • Very Good cut grade for optimal brilliance

A meaningful alternative to the traditional solitaire

Make a unique statement by proposing with a vibrant blue sapphire instead of a traditional diamond solitaire. While diamonds are the classic engagement ring focal point, colored gemstones like sapphires offer an eye-catching alternative that suits modern tastes.

Sapphires have not only captivated brides and grooms for centuries but also adorned royalty. Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana with a stunning blue sapphire engagement ring, proving these gems don’t just look beautiful, but carry deep sentimental meaning.

Blue sapphires range from pale sky blue to dramatic midnight hues. Some display striking color zoning, with different saturations concentrated in different areas of the stone. Others feature the vivid royal blue most coveted in jewelry. Whichever shade of blue you prefer, a sapphire engagement ring makes a memorable statement about the uniqueness of your relationship.

The blue sapphire’s durability also makes this a practical option for everyday wear. With a 9 out of 10 rating on the Mohs hardness scale, sapphires are more resistant to chipping or breaking than softer gemstones. This ensures that your bride can enjoy her engagement ring for years of married life to come.

Diamonds add dazzling detail

While the vivid blue sapphire may steal the spotlight, the accent diamonds in this ring add plenty of brilliance. The halo setting surrounding the sapphire provides contrasting flashes of white light that accentuate the blue center. This halo comprises 16 hand-set round brilliant diamonds that amplify the main stone’s fire.

Additional diamonds line the 14K gold band in an eternity setting. The eternity design speaks to everlasting devotion and unity. With 10 diamonds adorning each side of the center sapphire, these stones also expand the overall diamond presence and carat weight.

All the diamonds are rated I1-I2 for clarity, meaning they have minor inclusions that are difficult to see with the naked eye. Selecting SI clarity diamonds instead of higher-grade FL to VS diamonds helps keep the ring affordable. The small imperfections are only noticeable under close inspection and do not affect the dazzling shine.

Ultimately, it is quality craftsmanship that determines a diamond’s brilliance, not flawlessness. FINEROCK expertly cuts each diamond to maximize the return of light. The round brilliant cuts display the optimal balance of fire, scintillation and sparkle.

Ethically sourced for peace of mind

FINEROCK is dedicated to responsible practices, from sourcing to manufacturing. The diamonds in this ring are ethically mined and compliant with worldwide standards. By choosing an engagement ring with ethically sourced diamonds, you can feel confident that your symbol of love comes from origins as pure as your vows.

FINEROCK actively avoids diamonds with any indications of unsafe mining conditions or illicit origins. Their conflict-free diamonds come from trustworthy sources and adhere to legal and moral standards. Any metals used are also certified as coming from environmentally and socially responsible mining.

Beyond ethical sourcing, FINEROCK demonstrates its quality commitment through meticulous craftsmanship and inspection at every step. Only the top 3% of gems merit FINEROCK settings. Their experienced artisans hand-select each stone and meticulously examine for optimal cut, color and clarity.

Show your beloved that the start of a marriage should be as ethical as it is exciting. Make a responsible choice as you take the next step on your journey together with FINEROCK’s stunning sapphire and diamond ring.


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