Gem Stone King 10K White Gold Charles & Colvard Forever Classic Moissanite Pendant Necklace – 1.00 Cttw



Dazzle with the Brilliance of Forever Classic Moissanite in this Timeless 10K White Gold Necklace

This exquisite pendant necklace from Gem Stone King pairs an exceptional 1.00 carat Forever Classic moissanite with a versatile 18″ chain, creating an heirloom-worthy piece that emanates elegance.

Unrivaled Fire and Brilliance

At the heart of this pendant is a sublime 6.5mm round Forever Classic moissanite stone. After years of intensive research and breakthroughs, Charles & Colvard created this revolutionary gemstone to rival the brilliance and fire of a diamond at a fraction of the cost.

Forever Classic moissanite possesses exceptional clarity and colorless properties. The precision cut maximizes light return, while the toughness of the gem makes it durable for daily wear. With refractive qualities surpassing even a diamond, this stone is truly breathtaking.

Timeless 10K White Gold Setting

This Forever Classic moissanite solitaire is secured in a gorgeously crafted four-prong 10K white gold basket setting. White gold provides a crisp, cool tone that allows the colorless moissanite to truly dazzle at its full potential.

The sleek, minimalist setting puts the focus entirely on the brilliant gem. Yet it still provides a secure hold to protect the stone from loosening or damage. This thoughtful design allows you to enjoy the pendant’s stunning beauty without worry.

Wear It Your Way with a Versatile Chain

A beautiful pendant deserves an equally exquisite chain. This necklace comes complete with an 18-inch 10K white gold cable chain. The length is ideal for showcasing the pendant just below the collarbone.

The chain can be adjusted or swapped out to match different necklines and preferences. Wear it high on the neck or long over a plunging dress. With this versatile length, you can style it your way.

An Heirloom to Treasure Through Time

From its premium materials to exceptional craftsmanship, this pendant exudes heirloom quality. It makes a meaningful keepsake to commemorate a special occasion or milestone. Or simply delight someone you love with an exquisite expression of your affection.

Charles & Colvard’s breakthrough created gemstones offer an eco-friendly alternative to mined gems. Enjoy stunning moissanite sparkle without the worries of environmental or ethical issues surrounding diamond sourcing.

Let the Timeless Beauty of This Pendant Light Up Your Life

With its dazzling Forever Classic moissanite and versatile design, this exquisite 10K white gold pendant necklace becomes an instant treasured classic. Its beauty will be admired for years to come.


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