Gem Stone King Sterling Silver and Black Onyx Dangle Earrings – Sophisticated Sparkle for Every Occasion



Adorn yourself in the deep, dark beauty of these striking dangle earrings from Gem Stone King. Featuring faceted black onyx gemstones alongside glistening white zirconia, these earrings radiate sophistication and intrigue.

The centerpiece of each earring is an oval-cut black onyx measuring 10x8mm. Onyx is treasured for its rich, saturated color and smooth finish. These oval stones have a beautifully symmetrical shape that catches the light elegantly. Flanking each oval black onyx are two petite trillion-cut black onyx measuring 5mm each. The trillion cut features triangular and kite-shaped facets that make the onyx stones shimmer.

Black onyx has a mysterious yet glamorous look that pairs perfectly with sterling silver. These dangle earrings are crafted from pure 925 sterling silver, with the 925 stamp visible inside the setting as a mark of authenticity. Sterling silver provides the ideal complement to black onyx, letting the gemstone be the star while adding a touch of bright white sparkle.

To complete the look, four round white zirconia stones are set between the black onyx. Zirconia has an incredible brilliance that resembles the shine of a real diamond. These zirconia provide added flash and fire to catch the eye from every angle.

With a total carat weight of 5.00 cttw, these dangle earrings have an impressive onyx and zirconia presence. The mix of larger and smaller gemstones creates perfect balance. The overall result is a stunning, statement-making accessory.

A gracefully long sterling silver leverback clasp secures each earring comfortably on the ear. The dangling design has fluid, elegant movement that will draw compliments every time you wear these striking earrings.

Whether you are looking for the perfect accessory to complement an evening gown or want to add some sophisticated sparkle to a casual outfit, these black onyx dangle earrings are just what you need. Their timeless beauty makes them a cherished addition to any jewelry collection.

Key Features:

  • Stunning black onyx gemstones, including 2 oval stones measuring 10x8mm and 4 trillion-cut stones measuring 5mm
  • Rhodium plated 925 sterling silver settings with 925 stamp
  • 4 round white zirconia stones add extra brilliance
  • Total carat weight of 5.00 cttw
  • Leverback closure secures each earring comfortably
  • Dangle silhouette creates fluid, elegant movement

Showcase timeless beauty with black onyx

For over a century, black onyx has been revered for its rich, saturated color and beautiful polish. In ancient times, black onyx was believed to hold mystical powers and provide spiritual protection. Today, this gemstone remains an eye-catching jewelry staple.

The oval and trillion black onyx stones showcased in these dangle earrings exemplify everything that makes onyx such a classic choice. Oval shapes perfectly display the smooth faceting of a well-cut onyx stone. Trillion cuts add strong geometric edges that make the onyx glow from within. Together, these shapes create captivating contrast and sophistication.

Onyx’s deep black color is mysteriously beautiful on its own and also serves as the perfect foil for metals and complementing gemstones. Here, the rhodium-plated sterling silver settings let the black onyx take center stage while adding a subtle yet noticeable bright shine. Similarly, the four white zirconia stones provide the perfect pop of light between the dramatic onyx.

Whether you favor onyx for its timeless beauty or as your birthstone for a July birthday, these dangling earrings showcase this gemstone at its best.

Sterling silver: the perfect pairing for black onyx

Sterling silver’s bright white color and metallic shine perfectly complement the bold black hues of onyx. Pure 925 sterling silver not only enhances the black onyx’s beauty but also adds value and versatility. This precious metal provides durability you can rely on for lifelong wear and enduring sparkle.

The rhodium plating applied to the sterling silver settings gives them a smooth, lustrous finish. Rhodium is a rare precious metal valued for its luminous white sheen and resistance to tarnishing. So while the sterling silver provides strength, rhodium coating ensures that these earrings retain a like-new brilliance over time.

Sterling silver also offers flexibility for styling. The metallic hue coordinates seamlessly with white and yellow metals, making these black onyx earrings easy to mix and match with other accessories. Whether you prefer silver, gold, or gemstone jewelry, these dangling earrings will complement your collection.

White zirconia: brilliant shine inspired by diamonds

While black onyx may be the starring gemstone, white zirconia steals the scene in its supporting role. The four round white zirconia stones add the perfect pop of light between the dramatic onyx ovals and trillions.

Zirconia has an incredible ability to mimic diamonds with its exceptional fire and shine. These brilliant white stones reflect light powerfully, creating a sparkling frame around the main black onyx stones. The result is dazzling shine from every angle.

A distinguishing factor of high-quality zirconia is its flawless clarity. While mined diamonds may contain imperfections based on their natural formation, zirconia stones are expertly cut for optical perfection. Under closer inspection, each round white zirconia stone has a flawless, light-refracting faceted cut.

Zirconia shines just like a diamond with one important difference: it comes at a fraction of the cost. By incorporating zirconia rather than mined diamonds, these dangling earrings achieve a brilliant, sumptuous look that’s more accessible and affordable.

An elegant finishing touch for any outfit

The dangling silhouette of these sophisticated earrings provides fluid, graceful movement with every turn of the head. Each earring hangs approximately one inch in length from the earlobe for a visible yet understated effect.

The leverback closure keeps the earrings securely and comfortably in place. The hinged lever action of the backs lets you put on and remove the earrings with ease while ensuring they won’t slip off unexpectedly. This combination of comfort, security, and gentle movement makes these the perfect earrings for all-day wear.

Whether dressing up or going casual, these versatile black onyx earrings provide the ideal finishing touch. Their eye-catching design adds elegance and intrigue to any outfit. They make a glamorous statement for special occasions when paired with an evening gown or little black dress. For daytime, they add a subtle yet noticeable pop of style to casual dresses, blouses, and tees. With any look, these dangling earrings lend sophisticated sparkle.

Treat yourself to the stunning beauty of black onyx, brilliant white zirconia, and shining sterling silver. These dangling statement earrings make the perfect gift or stylish addition to your own jewelry box!


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