Glimmering Grace – Vintage Emerald Cut Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring



Capture the magical glow of everlasting love with this exquisite emerald cut moissanite solitaire engagement ring. A true showstopper, this ring dazzles with its timeless elegance and sophisticated vintage design.

The dazzling centerpiece is a 1ct emerald cut moissanite stone of impeccable quality. Cut to ideal proportions, this lab-created moissanite has a color grade of D (completely colorless) and clarity of VVS1 (very very slightly included), rivaling the brilliance of a real diamond. The elongated emerald cut with its crisp, straight lines creates a clean and contemporary look. At 9.25 on the Mohs scale, moissanite’s hardness edges out other gemstones and assures long-lasting wear.

Flanked on either side, a halo of 12 round brilliant moissanites adds extra sparkle. Their shared prong setting creates the illusion of a larger center stone. The split shank band has a lovely leafy engraving that embodies timeless vintage style.

Sophisticated Design:
This ring makes a statement with its eye-catching emerald cut solitaire and vintage inspired engraving. The split shank band and halo of stones gives the impression of an antique ring from decades past. From the side view, the ring has dimension that adds intrigue. Simplicity at the front gives way to delicate decoration on the band.

Dazzling Moissanite:
Moissanite outshines other diamond simulants with its brilliance and fire. The emerald cut maximizes light return through its long facets. This moissanite solitaire has the sparkle of a diamond costing thousands more. A discerning eye would be hard pressed to distinguish this high quality moissanite from a real diamond.

Durable Construction:
Built to stand the test of everyday wear, this ring features solid 925 sterling silver with 18k white gold plating. Moissanite rates high on the Mohs scale for toughness, while the prongs securely protect the center stone. Smooth polished edges prevent snagging and have a comfortable feel. The rhodium plating resists tarnishing to maintain a bright white sheen.

Perfectly Sized:
Order your accurate ring size by following our measurement guide. Options range from size 4 to 11. The split shank band design provides flexibility for sizing adjustments. We also offer 90 day returns and free resizing.

Elegant Packaging:
Surprise your beloved with a special ring box presentation. Our engagement ring comes beautifully packaged in a pink ring box ready for you to pop the question. Inside is a silicone sizer and polishing cloth to ensure proper fit.

Lifetime of Memories:
Turn the important moments in your relationship into lifelong memories. From popping the question to exchanging your vows, let this dazzling ring be a symbol of your everlasting bond. The emerald cut moissanite solitaire will transition seamlessly from engagement ring to wedding band and beyond.

As you embark on a future together hand in hand, may this ring sparkle as a reminder of the love between you. Let the Grace ring be the perfect start of your happily ever after.


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