Make an Everlasting Promise with this Majestic 5 CT Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Set



Treasure the moment forever with this breathtaking 5 CT Diamond Engagement Cushion Halo Trio Wedding Ring Set. This stunning three-piece bridal set includes a dazzling engagement ring and coordinating his & hers wedding bands. Timeless elegance meets contemporary sparkle in this meaningful symbol of your union.

A Center Diamond with Eye-Catching Brilliance

The focal point of this gorgeous engagement ring is a 1/2 carat round brilliant cut diamond that seems to glow from within. The diamond’s cut showcases its brilliance, with lively flashes of light radiating outward. Surrounding the center stone, a halo of shimmering round diamonds adds extra sparkle. This dazzling design is certain to make her gasp when you pop the question!

Styled for Maximum Visual Impact

Fashioned in cool 10K white gold, the intricate metalwork maximizes the visual impact of the diamonds. A studded split-style shank lends the ring a delicate, feminine look from every angle. The polished white gold provides a lustrous yet neutral backdrop, allowing the diamonds to shine as the true stars.

Two Perfectly Matched Wedding Bands

Alongside the eye-catching engagement ring, this bridal set includes a matching wedding band for him and her. The bands feature four princess-cut diamonds set in a channel setting. Designed to flank the engagement ring, these wedding rings complete the look in coordinated style.

Celebrate Your Past, Present and Future

The trio of rings in this set hold symbolic significance. The engagement ring anchors the present, focusing on your commitment to each other. The matching wedding bands represent your future together. And each time you look down at your hands, these rings will remind you of the joyful memories of your past.

Honor an Everlasting Bond

As you embark on your marriage journey, these rings will serve as daily reminders of the lifelong promise you are making. Through every challenge and triumph, let the diamonds’ enduring sparkle reflect your commitment to stand beside one another.

Flawless Quality and Brilliance

This bridal set meets the highest standards of craftsmanship. The dazzling diamonds are all hand selected, with a minimum color grade of I-J and clarity rating of I2-I3. Each stone’s precise cut maximizes its brilliance and fire. The solid gold provides durability and comfortable, long-lasting wear.

A Gift Straight from the Heart

When you give her this beautiful three-ring bridal set, you are giving a timeless symbol of your devotion. Let the radiance of the diamonds convey what your heart longs to express. Ask for her hand with this meaningful gift, and see the joy and love that shine from her eyes.

30-Day Returns and Lifetime Warranty

Shop worry-free with the assurance of a 30-day return policy and lifetime warranty. We stand behind the quality of our craftsmanship. Our helpful customer service team is always delighted to answer any questions and address any concerns.

Make It a Moment to Cherish Forever

This bridal ring set transforms one of life’s most precious memories into dazzling jewelry she’ll proudly wear for a lifetime. Let the sparkle of the diamonds reflect the romance in your heart as you present her with this unforgettable symbol of your love.


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