Massete 14k Gold Belly Button Ring w/ Diamond



Dazzle Your Belly Button with this 14k Gold Navel Ring Featuring a Sparkling Diamond from Massete

Make a statement with your belly button piercing by adorning it with this luxurious 14k yellow gold navel ring from Massete. The classic barbell design is elevated with a luminous simulated diamond that will instantly glam up your look.

As part of Massete’s premium navel ring collection, this piece is crafted from solid 14k gold, not merely plated, for long-lasting durability and shine. The diamond subplot adds just the right amount of sparkle to your midriff while the polished yellow gold provides a rich, brilliant finish.

Timeless Barbell Piercing Design

This belly button ring features a traditional barbell shape for a comfortable and secure fit. The ring has a 16 gauge 5mm diameter ball at each end that screws on and off with ease, so you can insert and remove it smoothly.

Once fastened, the balls stay tightly in place to prevent the ring from accidentally coming undone, even with movement and friction throughout your day. At 1.2mm thick, the sleek bar is strong yet lightweight to avoid any pulling or irritation on your piercing.

The classic barbell silhouette serves as a versatile base for the diamond accent. It allows the precious stone to really stand out and sparkle.

Durable 14k Gold Construction

Massete uses premium 14k yellow gold rather than regular plated gold to ensure lasting durability and brilliance. At 58.5% pure gold, 14k gold contains more gold than 10k to strengthen its integrity.

The higher gold content gives this navel ring its beautiful rich yellow color that will maintain its shine over time. 14k gold is less likely to tarnish, fade or suffer damage the way plated metals do. Your belly ring will keep its luxurious golden sheen through everyday wear.

Eye-Catching Round Diamond

At the top of the barbell is a 4mm round simulated diamond made from cubic zirconia. The high quality cubic zirconia has an uncanny resemblance to a real diamond with exceptional clarity and radiance.

The diamond acts as the main focal point, attracting attention as it catches and reflects light beautifully. When worn in your navel, it adds the perfect discreet yet dazzling accessory.

You’ll love watching it glimmer as you move! The diamond subplot elevates this belly ring to feel glamorous and special.

Nickel-Free and Hypoallergenic

Some people have metal sensitivities and can experience skin reactions from nickel found in jewelry. This sparkling navel ring avoids that issue entirely by being nickel-free.

It is crafted from hypoallergenic metals making it safe for those with sensitivities. You can flaunt your new diamond belly ring with confidence knowing it won’t cause any adverse reactions. The materials used will be gentle on your pierced skin.

Premium Gift Box Included

For easy and beautiful gifting, this 14k gold diamond navel ring comes packaged in a premium Massete gift box. The sleek black box features the Massete logo in elegant gold lettering for a luxe presentation.

If you’re planning to surprise a special someone, the gift box already has the wrapping covered! Simply present the box as-is and watch their eyes light up as they uncover this dazzling belly button ring inside.

For those buying this as a personal treat, the included box makes you feel like you’re unboxing an item from a high-end jewelry store. This special touch contributes to the overall luxury experience of this belly ring.

Ideal Belly Button Jewelry for Any Occasion

A navel ring like this works beautifully as everyday jewelry you can wear casually or dress up. The diamond subplot adds just enough sparkle to be noticed without going overboard.

It will add a subtle yet glamorous touch to your outfit whether you’re wearing jeans and a tee or a cocktail dress. The versatile design transitions seamlessly from day to night.

This belly button ring also makes a thoughtful gift idea for many occasions. Surprise your special someone with this gleaming ring as an anniversary, birthday, or holiday gift. Use it to commemorate a special milestone or as a just because present to show your affection in style.

Massete Belly Button Ring Summary:

– Classic barbell navel ring shape
– 14k solid yellow gold construction
– Round simulated diamond subplot
– 16 gauge (1.2mm) thickness
– 5mm diameter balls with secure screw closure
– Nickel-free and hypoallergenic
– High polish finish for brilliant shine
– Premium gift box included
– Ideal for everyday wear or gifting

Indulge yourself or your loved one with this luxurious sparkling belly button ring from Massete. The 14k gold and diamond design will make your midriff shine!


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