Radiant Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace in 14K Gold



This exquisite pearl strand necklace makes a timeless and elegant statement. Lustrous white Japanese Akoya cultured pearls gracefully encircle the neck in a classic single-knotted design on pure silk cord. Complete the look with a solid 14K gold clasp showcasing your choice of pearl size and gold color. This wedding-ready necklace symbolizes purity and will become an heirloom treasure.

Hand-picked AAA+ quality pearls feature superior luster and uniformity without blemishes. Their translucent ivory sheen glows against the skin. No two pearls are exactly alike, making each peace utterly unique. These exceptional Japanese Akoya pearls are sustainably cultivated in chilled and calming waters under pristine conditions. This allows their signature refinement and depth of color to develop naturally.

Expert artisans hand-knot the strand along strong silk cord to provide durability and prevent friction between pearls. A single delicate knot rests between each pearl, adding fluidity. Silk’s strength and flexibility prevent the cord from stretching over time. This ensures your necklace will maintain its beauty for generations to come.

The necklace fastens securely with a solid 14K gold clasp in your choice of white, yellow or rose gold. Customize with your preferred pearl diameter between 6.5mm-8.5mm. The classic fishhook style clasp provides effortless open and close while holding the strand in place. High-quality solid gold withstands daily wear.

Pearls symbolize purity, transformation, and the moon. In Hindu tradition they represent spiritual enlightenment. Pearls have adorned brides and women of all ages for centuries as beloved gems. Both classic and contemporary, this luminous pearl strand elevates any outfit. It creates an elegant finish for special occasions or everyday wear.

This necklace makes a meaningful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and holidays. Express love and celebration with this cherished heirloom crafted to become part of her legacy. Pearls are the traditional 30th wedding anniversary and 3rd wedding anniversary gift. The June birthstone and zodiac gem for Gemini, this piece delights pearl girls born in spring.

Give the gift of luminous elegance she’ll treasure forever. Pearls signify the wearer has a gentle heart and nurturing spirit. Their calming energy provides a soothing presence during challenging times. Pearls have decorated women throughout history including Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor. Walk in the footsteps of iconic women who inspire grace and beauty.

Care Instructions:
– Wipe pearls gently with soft cloth after each wear
– Store pearls away from other jewelry to prevent scratches
– Avoid contact with chemicals in perfume, hairspray, lotions
– Never soak or ultrasonically clean pearls
– Re-knot silk cord every 2-3 years to maintain strength

This necklace arrives in a fine jewelry box, ready for giving. Our signature packaging and inspection ensures your pearls are pristine. We stand behind their quality with a lifetime warranty against defects. Wear these certified AAA+ Japanese Akoya cultured pearls with confidence and joy. This graceful necklace will become an heirloom passed down for generations.


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