Ross-Simons 0.10 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire Ring in Sterling Silver – Timeless Sparkle and Brilliance



Treasure her forever with this exquisite 0.10 carat lab-grown diamond solitaire ring from Ross-Simons. The dazzling round brilliant-cut diamond is prong set in classic four-prong setting with polished sterling silver band. Beautifully minimalist yet luxurious, this ring allows the sparkling diamond to take the spotlight.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same exceptional optical, physical, and chemical properties as their mined counterparts, for a brilliant jewel she’ll cherish. An eco-friendly alternative that avoids the environmental and ethical downsides of mining, this stunning ring makes a meaningful and guilt-free gift.

Brilliant Sparkle, Impressive Quality

The round brilliant-cut 0.10 carat diamond at the center of this solitaire ring is eye clean with a SI1-SI2 clarity rating, the highest grades for lab-grown diamonds. With precise cutting and proportions, the diamond achieves the coveted “hearts and arrows” pattern when viewed under magnification. This achieves maximum light return and dazzling fire.

Four slender prongs hold the diamond securely in place while allowing light to reflect off the stone from all angles. The streamlined setting places the focus entirely on the diamond’s sparkle and brilliance. Set in lustrous sterling silver, this ring has a beautiful polished shine.

Celebrate Your Love

A solitaire diamond ring is the most classic and romantic way to celebrate an engagement, wedding, or anniversary. The single stone symbolizes your relationship’s purity and singularity. This stunning style also works beautifully as a right-hand cocktail ring to enjoy every day.

Surprise your beloved with this ring as a meaningful token of your commitment and lifelong love. Offer it as a promise ring or wedding band she can wear with pride. The minimalist yet striking design reflects timeless elegance and grace she’ll always cherish.

Ethical, Eco-Friendly Origins

This dazzling diamond was grown in a highly controlled lab environment using cutting edge technology. The process for creating lab-grown diamonds emulates the way diamonds develop underground, replicating the conditions to form the same crystal structure atom by atom.

What takes billions of years underground happens within a few weeks in the lab. The result is a flawless diamond with the same optical qualities and sparkle but none of the environmental cost or unethical mining practices. You can feel good knowing your diamond came from an earth-friendly and conflict-free source.

Made for Everyday Elegance

Beautifully versatile, this classic solitaire ring transitions effortlessly from day to night. Its slim sterling silver band features a comfortable contoured inner surface and polished finish. At 2mm wide, the band is slim yet substantial enough for daily wear.

From the office to a night out, this sparkling ring always makes a statement. It layers beautifully with other diamond bands and wedding rings. The exceptional quality also ensures the diamond will maintain its brilliance with minimal care.

The Perfect Diamond Ring for Her

Finding the perfect engagement ring or anniversary gift can be daunting. This exquisite solitaire diamond ring takes the guesswork out of choosing the ideal style that she’ll treasure forever. With its timeless design, brilliant stone, and sterling silver metal, it’s a ring she’ll be proud to wear every day.

For the best fit, surprise her with a ring in her current size. Sizes range from 4 to 10. Engraving is also available for a personalized, heartfelt touch. Your special message will be lasered inside the band.

Trusted Ross-Simons Quality

This solitaire ring meets Ross-Simons’ strict standards for luxury jewelry. For over 70 years, Ross-Simons has provided excellent craftsmanship, quality materials, and outstanding customer service. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

This stunning ring arrives beautifully packaged in a signature Ross-Simons gift box, ready for giving. Enhance her collection with coordinating diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from Ross-Simons. There are so many ways to let her sparkle!


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