Ross-Simons Italian 14kt Yellow Gold Polished Dome Ring – Luxury Gold Jewelry from Italy



This beautiful 14kt yellow gold ring from Ross-Simons brings timeless elegance to your jewelry collection. Crafted in Italy from luxurious 14kt gold, this ring features a domed design that creates a subtle rounded shape. The polished finish gives the gold a bright, lustrous shine that catches the light beautifully. At 1/4 inch wide, it makes a bold fashion statement while remaining versatile enough for everyday wear.

Luxury gold jewelry has a timeless appeal, and this Italian-made ring is no exception. The rich, warm glow of its 14kt yellow gold elevates any outfit, whether you’re dressing up for a night out or just running errands. It transitions seamlessly from day to night and can be dressed up or down to suit your style. The high-quality polished finish resists tarnishing and scratches, so this ring will maintain its radiant look for years to come.

This dome ring is perfect for women who want an elegant ring that makes a statement. The tapered dome shape has a subtle retro-chic vibe that stands out from basic band rings. It’s eye-catching without being over the top, making it ideal for women with refined yet contemporary taste. The 1/4 inch width gives it presence without overpowering your hand.

For versatility, this ring is hard to beat. It works beautifully as a right-hand ring because its striking shape doesn’t need to be paired with a wedding set. The width gives it enough presence to hold its own. Whether you prefer yellow or white metals, this gold ring can coordinate seamlessly with your existing jewelry. It also makes a wonderful gift for any occasion when you want to treat someone special to timeless luxury.


  • Authentic solid 14kt yellow gold ring
  • Crafted in Italy for luxury quality
  • Stunning polished gold finish
  • Tapered dome design with retro-inspired style
  • 1/4″ wide for subtle presence
  • Perfect for right-hand ring or statement piece
  • Ideal for women with refined, contemporary taste
  • Timeless elegance elevates any outfit
  • Great for day to night wear
  • Makes a meaningful gift for any occasion

14kt Yellow Gold

This ring is crafted from solid 14kt yellow gold for lasting value and quality. 14kt gold contains 58.5% pure gold mixed with durable metals like copper and zinc for hardness. It has a rich yellow tone that flatters most skin tones. Compared to 10kt or 18kt gold, 14kt offers an ideal balance of beauty, strength, and affordability.

With proper care, 14kt gold jewelry will last a lifetime. It resists tarnishing and cleans to a bright finish time after time. Unlike gold plating, it will never wear down to reveal a base metal beneath. The 14kt Italian gold used in this ring meets high european standards for quality assurance.

Luxury Craftsmanship

From its polished finish to tapered dome design, this ring offers luxury you’ll love wearing every day. It was meticulously crafted by artisans in Italy, renowned globally for high-end gold jewelry. The polished gold has a mirror-like shine that catches the light beautifully from every angle.

The tapered dome silhouette has a subtle retro feel inspired by glamour from past eras. Its rounded shape is elevated yet understated, complementing both casual and dressy looks. Small detailing like the rounded interior band add sophistication.

Everything about this ring indicates quality, from the satisfying weight of solid 14kt gold to the smooth, comfortable curved interior band. It arrives in an elegant Ross-Simons jewelry box, ready for gifting or adding to your own collection.

Wear and Care

Display your refined yet contemporary taste by wearing this ring as an everyday statement piece or minimalist right-hand ring. For versatility, pair it with other stackable rings or simply let it shine solo. It’s perfect for women with elegant and modern style.

Take care to remove gold rings before cleaning, exercising or manual labor. Store in the included jewelry box when not wearing. To clean, use a gentle jewelry polish and soft cloth. Take care not to immerse in water or use harsh chemicals which can damage the finish.

With periodic cleaning and proper storage, your 14kt gold ring will maintain its timeless beauty for many years as a treasured keepsake. The high quality polished finish protects against scratches and tarnishing.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Each Ross-Simons jewelry piece is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, return your ring in original condition for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Enjoy the beauty of luxurious Italian 14kt gold risk-free!


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