Ross-Simons Jade Dragon Bracelet with 18kt Gold Over Sterling Silver



Majestic Jade Dragon Wraps Around Your Wrist with Timeless Elegance

Capture the mystical power of the ancient jade dragon with this stunning bracelet from Ross-Simons. Handcrafted in 18kt yellow gold over sterling silver, this bracelet features an elegant dragon design wrapping gracefully around your wrist. The dragon’s slender body contours smoothly around your arm, its intricate scales crafted with care and attention to detail.

The dragon’s head turns slightly to the side, its eyes conveying a sense of wisdom and patience gathered over millennia. Subtle but strong, this mythical creature protects the wearer while lending its quiet power. At the center of the dragon’s long, winding body rests a lustrous rectangle of vibrant jade. Ranging from pale celadon to deeper emerald tones, natural jade has been prized in China for thousands of years as a symbol of nobility, virtue, and blessing.

With its auspicious green color, the jade dragon makes a meaningful gift for someone starting a new endeavor or celebrating a special milestone. The sleek slide clasp provides security and comfort, while allowing you to easily slip the bracelet over your hand. Perfect for everyday wear, this bracelet transitions seamlessly from day to night. Pair it with both casual outfits and formal attire to lend a touch of sophisticated style.

Key Features

  • 18kt yellow gold over sterling silver bracelet depicting a Chinese dragon design
  • Mystical dragon wraps gracefully around the wrist with elegant contours and scales
  • Lustrous green jade rectangle centers the dragon’s winding body
  • Jade ranges from pale celadon to deep emerald hues with natural variations
  • Sleek slide clasp provides security and allows easy on/off wearing
  • Perfect for everyday wear from morning to night
  • Meaningful gift for new beginnings, milestones, and celebrations
  • Boxes for gift-giving or storage

The Legendary Powers of Jade and Dragons

For thousands of years, jade and dragons have held deep symbolic meaning in Chinese culture. Jade is considered one of the most precious materials, valued for its vibrant green color and reputed powers of blessing, wisdom, and protection. The dragon is viewed as a beneficent creature that controls the flow of water and bestows good fortune. When combined on this bracelet, the jade dragon harnesses these legendary forces – channeling luck, prosperity, and well-being to the wearer.

The dragon also represents Yang energy, associated with the heavens, strength, and the male element. As you feel the cool, smooth jade and sleek golden dragon encircling your wrist, these dynamic energies balance body and spirit. Let this powerful alliance inspire you as you go about your day.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

This meaningful bracelet is crafted with care by the artisans at Ross-Simons, a trusted American jewelry company for over 70 years. Their team of skilled designers, setters, and polishers handcraft each piece to bring you jewelry of exceptional quality.

This bracelet starts with sterling silver, overlayed with 18kt yellow gold for a bright, luminous finish. The slender dragon is sculpted in stunning relief, its ridged scales mirroring the movement of water. The polished jade stone has a soft, soothing glow, cut to a rectangular shape that allows its green tones to reflect and refract the light.

From every graceful contour to the secure slide clasp, this bracelet is crafted to become an instant favorite. Its versatility also makes it easy to integrate into your existing jewelry collection.

The Perfect Gift

Share the blessings of the jade dragon with someone special. This meaningful bracelet makes a thoughtful gift to commemorate a graduation, birthday, anniversary, or any special milestone. The auspicious powers of the dragon also make this an ideal congratulatory gift for a new job, promotion, or the launch of a new business venture.

For the fashionable woman who loves statement pieces, this distinctive bracelet makes an impressive addition to any jewelry box. For the minimalist who prefers understated style, this bracelet lends a subtle pop of color and inspiration. Whether given as a gift or bought as a personal reward, it’s sure to become a beloved treasure.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ross-Simons is committed to providing excellent quality jewelry along with superb customer service. Your satisfaction with this bracelet is guaranteed. If you are not completely happy, return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. Enjoy complimentary shipping on your purchase. We also offer convenient layaway options.

Add this meaningful touch of green, gold, and good fortune to your collection today. The jade dragon’s quiet power will inspire your mind and delight your wrist for years to come.


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