Ross-Simons Stackable Textured Band Ring Set in 18kt Yellow, Rose & White Gold



Make a high-fashion statement by stacking this set of three complementary 18kt gold rings from Ross-Simons. Designed to be worn together or individually, these striking bands are crafted in rich yellow, rose, and white gold for a play on tri-colored metals. Each ring has a unique quilted texture that adds dimensional interest, giving this set a modern, almost industrial feel.

At 3/8 inch wide, these substantial rings make a bold impact when stacked together. Their width provides a canvas for showing off the intriguing quilt-like detailing. This textural effect contrasts beautifully with the rings’ polished beveled edges. Despite their standout look, the rounded inner edges ensure a comfortable fit that feels fluid against your finger.

The set’s mix of yellow, rose, and white gold allows you to create different stylings. You might wear the white gold band on its own for a minimalist look, then stack the yellow and rose gold rings together for a warm, blended effect. Add the third ring when you want to make a glamorous fashion statement. Whatever combination you choose, these rings garner attention.

Textured Bands with Enduring Character

Drawing inspiration from architectural and fabric patterns, the three-dimensional quilt motif on these rings has an artisanal feel. The ridges almost resemble stitches sewn across the surface of each ring, giving them loads of texture and visual interest. This ornate detailing contrasts elegantly with the smooth beveled edges encircling each band.

Despite their fluid metalwork, these rings have a substantial heft at 3/8 inch wide. They make a noticeable impact when stacked together, especially with the quilt motif’s ridges and valleys catching the light. The chic mix of metals and textures gives this set a modern edge that still manages to be timeless.

Stackable Styling for Every Occasion

This tri-colored gold ring set begs to be stacked and styled in different combinations. Wear just one band for understated daytime chic, or pile all three rings on for a glamorous statement. You can also separate the set and wear a single ring on each hand. However you style them, these complementary bands work beautifully together while retaining distinctive personality.

The warm 18kt yellow gold band has a rich, sunny glow. Pair it with the romantic blush hue of 18kt rose gold for occasions when you want to radiate feminine charm. Or add the stark white brilliance of the 18kt white gold ring when you need some extra sparkle. With infinite mix-and-match potential, this ring set transitions effortlessly from day to night.

A Meaningful Addition to Your Jewelry Collection

This set of three stackable 18kt gold rings makes a meaningful addition to your jewelry collection. The superior quality and timeless design ensure these are rings you’ll reach for again and again over your lifetime. They make perfect keepsake gifts for birthdays, graduations, and other milestones.

Thanks to the comforting heft and intricate textures, these bands have heirloom appeal. One day you can pass them down to your daughter, granddaughter, or other cherished women in your life. Even after decades of daily wear, these rings will still add that perfect finish to any outfit.

Treat yourself to a stack of sophistication with this quilted tri-gold ring set from Ross-Simons. Textured patterns and a play on mixed metals result in statement rings you’ll treasure now and for years to come. These bold beauties complement your personal style while also symbolizing the special women who’ve touched your life.


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