Ross-Simons Sterling Silver 1.25 ct. t.w. Blue & White Diamond Statement Ring – Round Brilliant & Single-Cut Diamonds



Make a dazzling statement with this exquisite sterling silver ring featuring 1.25 carats total weight of brilliant white and icy blue diamonds. Crafted in polished .925 sterling silver, this gorgeous ring radiates glamour and sophistication.

The sparkling centerpiece is a 0.75 ct. round brilliant-cut blue diamond. Vivid blue diamonds are exceptionally rare and coveted for their show-stopping splendor. This remarkable diamond has a rich royal blue hue that evokes the mystery of the deep sea.

Surrounding the blue diamond is a halo of 0.50 ct. t.w. single-cut white diamonds that extend halfway down the band. These diamonds have a crisp icy white color that provides perfect contrast with the blue center stone. The crown and band together measure 3/4 inch wide for substantial sparkle and presence on the finger.

With its mix of blue and white, this stunning ring exhibits an exquisite beauty. The dazzling diamonds are prong-set in polished sterling silver with intricate detailing along the band. This ring makes a statement with its brilliant diamonds yet retains a comfortable contour.

Brimming with 1.25 carats of diamonds, this sumptuous style will become her favorite go-to piece. The mix of blue and white diamonds creates an intriguing illusion of motion and depth. Make her feel like royalty each day with this sterling silver and diamond stunner.

Brilliant Blue Diamonds: The Pinnacle of Rarity

Only 1 in 10,000 diamonds possess any blue coloration, making blue diamonds exceptionally rare treasures. The more saturated the blue color, the higher the diamond’s value. This remarkable royal blue diamond is in the top tier of blue diamond color grades.

What gives blue diamonds their extraordinary hue? These stones obtain their dazzling color from the presence of the element boron within the diamond’s crystalline structure. During formation deep within the Earth, natural irradiation leads trace amounts of boron to be incorporated into the crystal lattice.

This blue diamond mesmerizes with its saturated royal blue color reminiscent of sapphires. Yet it still retains the refractive brilliance exclusive to diamonds. The captivating blue is beautifully displayed in a round brilliant-cut diamond. With precisely angled facets, the brilliant cut maximizes light return and sparkle.

As one of nature’s most phenomenal treasures, this natural blue diamond will be an awe-inspiring addition to her jewelry collection. The rarity and mystery of blue diamonds has captivated royalty and connoisseurs for centuries. Make her feel like a queen each day she wears this ring.

Sterling Silver’s Brilliance and Value

This exquisite blue diamond ring is set in lustrous sterling silver. Sterling silver is a precious metal alloy composed of 92.5% silver blended with copper. This combination creates a metal that is lustrous and resilient while being more affordable than platinum or gold.

Sterling silver is beloved for its brilliant white shine and ability to be polished to a mirror finish. To preserve that radiance, Ross-Simons plates all sterling silver jewelry pieces with rhodium. This adds an extra layer of shine while preventing tarnish. With a diamond treasure this rare, only precious metals of outstanding quality will do.

Thanks to sterling silver’s value, you don’t have to break the bank to give her diamond jewelry. This ring provides the gift of glittering blue and white diamonds in a fine jewelry setting. Sterling silver makes the 1.25 carats of diamonds surprisingly attainable.

From the basket setting to the tapered band, this ring is crafted with expertise and care. The diamonds are securely held in place by sculpted prongs. Intricate carved lines embellish the band. Give her a ring that’s worthy of the remarkable diamonds yet comfortable for everyday elegance.

A Meaningful Gift She’ll Always Remember

Giving jewelry signifies a meaningful bond between giver and recipient. With its royal blue diamond and sparkling diamond halo, this sterling silver stunner conveys your love in a special way she’ll always remember.

For an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or any occasion, this ring shows your relationship is precious. The royal blue diamond symbolizes rarity and mystique with sparkling white diamonds representing enduring clarity. Each time she looks down at the ring, she’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

This eye-catching statement ring can be worn for a lifetime of memorable occasions. It will draw admiring looks whether she’s dressed up for a formal gala or going out for date night. The royal blue diamond provides a pop of color that immediately catches the eye.

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult, but this dazzling blue and white diamond ring checks all the boxes. She’ll be blown away unwrapping this special treasure. Make her feel like a queen with this royal blue diamond ring she’ll cherish forever.


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