Ross-Simons Sterling Silver Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Accent Ring – 12-12.5mm Button Pearl with 0.05 ct. tw Diamonds



Radiate refined elegance with this exquisite sterling silver ring featuring a lustrous 12-12.5mm cultured freshwater pearl and sparkling diamond accents. Crafted in polished .925 sterling silver, this ring makes a stunning jewelry gift for any occasion.

The gorgeous focal point is the large 12-12.5mm button pearl in creamy white. Freshwater cultured pearls are renowned for their beautiful luster and smooth surface, with an iridescent sheen that gives each pearl a soft inner glow. This pearl has a symmetrical shape and smooth surface that reflects light beautifully from every angle.

Flanking the sides of the pearl are four petite sparkling diamond accents. With a total diamond weight of 0.05 ct., these diamonds add just the right amount of brilliance to accentuate the pearl. The four-prong setting provides security for the pearl while allowing maximum light refraction through the crown.

With its elegant domed band, this ring has a comfortable contoured shape that sits smoothly against the finger. The band is 1/2 inch wide and tapers slightly thinner from the center pearl to create a slender, flattering silhouette. This gorgeous ring makes an eye-catching fashion statement and also serves as a heartfelt gift for a loved one.

The lustrous sheen of the cultured pearl paired with four diamond accents creates an exquisite yet understated look. Subtle and sophisticated, this ring emits timeless glamour. It can be worn for any occasion from a formal event to a night out on the town. With an elegant freshwater pearl and diamond accents, this ring makes a treasured addition to any jewelry collection.

An Heirloom-Quality Pearl Ring from Ross-Simons

This exquisite pearl and diamond ring comes from Ross-Simons, one of America’s most cherished jewelry brands. For over 70 years, Ross-Simons has provided fine jewelry with a dedication to quality, style, and value.

Ross-Simons has built its reputation on delivering heirloom-quality jewelry that will be treasured for generations. Every Ross-Simons piece is crafted with meticulous care by master jewelers. This ring is handcrafted in polished sterling silver with a luxurious patina.

Sterling silver is renowned for its radiance, brilliance, and resistance to tarnishing. With 92.5% pure silver, sterling silver retains its beautiful shine. Ross-Simons adds rhodium plating to all sterling silver jewelry for extra luster and durability. This piece features quality precious metals designed to last a lifetime.

From the cultured pearl to the diamond accents, each element of this ring meets Ross-Simons’ discerning quality standards. The cultured freshwater pearl has an exceptional symmetry, shape, surface, and radiant luster. The four sparkling diamonds are hand-set in secure four-prong settings with shared prong basket mounting.

This ring comes elegantly packaged in a Ross-Simons gift box, ready for gifting or adding to your own jewelry collection. Give it as an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or any special occasion gift. It also makes a wonderful self-purchase to celebrate a personal milestone. With its timeless elegance, it’s sure to become an heirloom she will cherish forever.

The Unique Beauty of Cultured Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater cultured pearls hold a unique place in the pearl world. Natural freshwater pearls are extremely rare. So in the early 20th century, pearl farmers developed freshwater pearl cultivation for the first time. This made beautiful freshwater pearls widely available.

China is the leading nation for freshwater pearl farming. Chinese pearl farms use a specialized process perfected over decades. To create a cultured pearl, farmers implant the inner shell of river mussels with a nucleus and a piece of mantle tissue from another mussel. As the implanted mussel secretes nacre over the nucleus, a lustrous pearl is formed.

It takes 1 to 5 years for a freshwater cultured pearl to form in these mussels. Farmers nurture each mussel in carefully monitored river beds during this growth period. The result is exquisite freshwater cultured pearls distinguished by their remarkable shine and resilience.

Freshwater pearls come in a wider variety of shapes than saltwater pearls. The most common shapes are round, button, and rice pearls. Button pearls have a soft symmetrical dome shape with a flat back. Prized for their unique shape, button pearls feature prominently in pearl necklaces and rings.

This Ross-Simons ring showcases a 12-12.5mm pearl, an oversized size for a button pearl. A larger pearl size allows the pearl’s luminescence to truly stand out. Freshwater pearls also come in a variety of lustrous white shades. This pearl has a creamy ivory tone like glistening moonlight.

When shopping for pearls, unimportant imperfections should be expected. Minor surface irregularities give each pearl its organic beauty. What matters most is the pearl’s overall symmetry, sheen, and radiance. This exquisite pearl has a smooth surface with a gorgeous glow to treasure for years to come.

The Enduring Appeal of Diamond Accent Jewelry

Diamonds never go out of style. This ring surrounds the central pearl with four tiny yet dazzling diamond accents. The diamond’s enduring allure comes from its unparalleled brilliance. Of all precious stones, diamonds have the highest refractive index for maximum light return.

The four diamonds in this ring total 0.05 carats. Diamond accents under 1/4 carat are an appealing option for jewelry that adds sparkle without breaking the budget. The diamond’s scintillating beauty is readily visible even in smaller sizes.

These accent diamonds feature a round brilliant cut. This is the most optically dazzling diamond cut, with precisely cut facets to reflect and refract light. The result is that exquisite diamond fire and sparkle that no other gemstone can match.

The four diamonds are set in shared prong settings with precious metal basket mounting between each stone. This provides protection for the diamonds along with optimal light refraction in the crown. The diamonds appear suspended in light above the band.

A touch of diamond can transform an everyday look into something special. Diamond accents add just the right amount of brilliance to enhance the pearl while retaining an air of refined restraint. This ring makes an elegant statement for any occasion, from date nights to formal events.

A Timeless Jewelry Gift She’ll Always Cherish

Finding that perfect gift can be a challenge. Jewelry is a perennially meaningful choice to show you care. With its cultured pearl and diamonds, this exquisite ring is sure to delight. It comes elegantly boxed, ready to gift for any occasion.

For birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or simply because, this ring conveys your love in a lasting form she’ll cherish forever. It becomes a meaningful memento she’ll think of you each time she wears it.

Pearls and diamonds also hold symbolic significance. Pearls represent purity and integrity. Diamonds stand for enduring strength of the relationship. Together in one ring, they say “our love is precious.” This is a gift that commemorates your unique bond.

This ring is sure to become an heirloom passed down to future generations. With proper care, the sterling silver, cultured pearl, and diamonds will retain their beauty for decades to come. This makes your gift all the more special, as she can one day pass it down to a daughter or granddaughter.

Finding that perfect gift can be difficult, but this exquisite pearl and diamond ring checks all the boxes. Make a lasting impression with a ring she’ll cherish as a timeless memento of your love.


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