Ross-Simons Turquoise and Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, 7 inches



Make a bold statement with this elegant turquoise cuff bracelet by Ross-Simons. Sterling silver construction accented by vibrant stabilized turquoise creates an accessory that’s versatile and chic.

Gorgeous Genuine Turquoise

The focal point of this bracelet is certainly the genuine turquoise. Thirty-four oval cabochons of stabilized turquoise line the cuff, each measuring 0.6 inches long. Turquoise ranges in color from sky blue to greenish robin’s egg shades. The turquoise on this bracelet is a vivid powder blue.

Turquoise has been prized for thousands of years by Native American tribes like the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi. Historically it symbolized wisdom, protection and good fortune. Today it remains a beloved gemstone for its stunning hues and spiritual meaning. This genuine turquoise has been stabilized to enhance color and durability.

Crafted in Polished Sterling Silver

Sterling silver makes the perfect complement to the sky blue turquoise. This metal has a beautiful white luster that showcases the gems. The cuff is crafted from .925 sterling silver, an alloy with 92.5% pure silver.

The metal has been polished to a brilliant shine. Sterling silver is naturally corrosion resistant to prevent tarnishing. It is also hypoallergenic, free of nickel and safe for sensitive skin. Sterling silver gives the cuff strength and structure without taking away from the turquoise.

Stylish Cuff Silhouette

This turquoise bracelet has a wide cuff silhouette measuring 0.75 inches. The cuff design beautifully displays the oval turquoise cabochons within sterling bezels. When you move your wrist, the gems catch the light elegantly. The tapered ends overlap slightly for secure and comfortable fit.

Inside, the cuff is gently rounded for a smooth feel against your skin. The striking blue gems pop against the shiny silver metal. Whether dressed up or down, this bracelet makes a statement. The bold southwestern-inspired style works for casual everyday wear as well as evenings out.

Secure Lobster Claw Clasp

The bracelet secures comfortably with a lobster claw clasp. Two loops anchor the ends of the cuff together when closed. A small latch on the claw fits neatly into a notch on the opposite loop. The spring mechanism gives it sturdy security that stays closed.

Lobster clasps are trusted for their strength and versatility. This one provides a seamless finish to the cuff design. To open, simply pull back on the latch using your fingernail. The claw releases cleanly so you can put the bracelet on with ease.

Perfect Bracelet Length

This gorgeous cuff bracelet measures 7 inches long from end to end. The length is ideal to comfortably fit most wrist sizes. Customers say this cuff fits like a charm and makes a great everyday piece. Whether you have petite, average or plus size wrists, this versatile length flatters.

The oval turquoise stones give some flexibility if you need a slightly larger size. Simply wear the cuff a bit higher on the wrist to make room. The turquoise color looks beautiful on all skin tones from fair to dark. For a snug fit, order a size down.

Artisan Quality Craftsmanship

Ross-Simons is renowned for its artisan craftsmanship and stunning jewelry designs. For over 70 years, they have maintained excellence in materials, quality control and customer service. This turquoise bracelet meets their highest standards.

It arrives neatly packaged in a Ross-Simons gift box. Their designs run the gamut from classic to modern. With everything from diamonds to gemstones, you can always trust Ross-Simons jewelry to impress. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with their lifetime warranty.

A Timeless Gemstone Cuff

This turquoise and sterling silver cuff bracelet makes a sophisticated addition to your jewelry collection. The genuine turquoise cabochons deliver stunning color that brightens any outfit. Substantial in look yet comfortable in feel, this bracelet transitions easily from day to evening.

It makes a wonderful birthday, holiday or Mother’s Day gift. Surprise your leading lady with this polished cuff bracelet she can treasure for years to come. With proper care, the turquoise and sterling silver will maintain their beauty over time.

A Standout Southwestern Style

Beautiful genuine turquoise paired with lustrous sterling silver creates a stunning southwestern look. Whether you love turquoise jewelry or just appreciate a bold, artistic style, this cuff bracelet delivers. The silver cuff band paved with turquoise gems makes an irresistible combination.

For a striking look, pair this bracelet with other turquoise earrings, rings and necklaces. It also looks great solo as your signature standout piece. Add this Ross-Simons turquoise cuff bracelet to your collection for a go-to accessory that always impresses.


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