Rustic Elegance: Natural Koa Wood CZ Black Stainless Steel His & Hers 3pc Engagement Wedding Ring Set



Commemorate your love with this stunning his and hers 3 piece black stainless steel and natural Koa wood engagement ring set. Expertly crafted with an eye for detail, these rings capture the beauty of the great outdoors with an elegant twist.

An Organic Touch for Nature Lovers

The women’s 6mm band features rich, natural Koa wood inlaid into durable surgical-grade 316L black stainless steel. Koa is a gorgeous golden-brown hardwood native to Hawaii that pairs perfectly with the dark metal to create a warm, organic feel. Three sparkling AAA cubic zirconia stones are set into the Koa wood for a touch of glamour.

Koa wood was traditionally used by ancient Hawaiians to craft tools and artisan works. The distinct grain patterns and colors reflect the tree’s growth in the islands’ nutrient-rich volcanic soil. Using Koa wood in these rings allows you to carry a little piece of paradise with you wherever you go.

Stunning His & Hers Set for Nature Lovers

The men’s 8mm black stainless steel band complements the Koa wood women’s band beautifully. The simplicity of the men’s ring accentuates the unique beauty of the women’s band.

The women’s engagement ring features a brilliant princess cut cubic zirconia stone set in a four-prong basket on a sleek black stainless steel band. The dazzling stone captures the light elegantly against the dark metal band.

Together, these his and hers rings form a rugged yet refined set perfect for couples who love the outdoors. The mix of natural wood and stainless steel reflects your shared love of nature, while cubic zirconia stones add just the right amount of sparkle.

Built to Last

Black stainless steel provides the ideal base for these rings. It is highly durable and resistant to scratching, tarnishing, and corrosion. Stronger than sterling silver or gold, your rings will maintain their beauty for years to come.

The Koa wood is sealed with a protective finish to prevent staining or water damage. Cubic zirconia stones have excellent hardness and brilliance for long-lasting sparkle.

Ideal for Active Lifestyles

Since the rings are made of stainless steel and Koa wood, they are perfect for active couples with rugged or outdoorsy lifestyles. You don’t have to worry about damaging your rings when you’re out hiking, camping, hunting, or enjoying other outdoor adventures.

Stainless steel and Koa wood are also hypoallergenic. This makes them ideal for those with metal sensitivities who love the look of wood and gemstone rings.

A Meaningful Set for Your Proposal

A ring set this unique and beautifully crafted makes for a memorable engagement. The organic style reflects your shared love for each other and nature.

For the perfect proposal for your outdoorsy sweetheart, present the matching set while on a hike or picnic surrounded by the beauty of nature. Your love will sparkle like the cubic zirconia stones each time the light hits these rings.

Celebrate Your Love

Let these exquisite matching rings remind you daily of the promises you made and your deep connection. The Koa wood and black stainless steel design will complement formal and casual styles beautifully.

Keep the romance alive by going on nature walks and appreciating the outdoors together. Renew your vows surrounded by nature on anniversary trips. Create new traditions and find joy in simple pleasures.

This Koa wood and stainless steel ring set honors the natural world that brought you together. Let it be a symbol of your eternal love and commitment as you build your lives together.


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