Rylos 14K Gold Lion Head Birthstone Ring for Men



Make a bold statement with the 14K gold lion head ring from Rylos. This majestic ring features a sculpted lion head motif accented with a genuine diamond in the mouth and your choice of birthstone in the eyes. Handcrafted with solid 14K yellow gold, this substantial men’s ring makes an impact with its raw, powerful style.

The lion head design shows exquisite attention to detail. The lion’s mane is textured for a lifelike look and its expression conveys strength and pride. PavĂ© set black diamonds outline the head for added contrast. A solitary white diamond shines in the lion’s mouth, giving this fearsome beast a glamorous roar.

Personalize the ring by selecting your preferred month’s birthstone for the lion’s eyes. Choose from stunning options like January’s garnet, April’s diamond, or December’s blue zircon. The genuine birthstones add meaningful character to this statement-making ring.

Bold Lion Motif for the Adventurous Man

For the man who wants a ring that expresses his bold, adventurous spirit, this Rylos lion head is a perfect choice. The large-scale design has an immediate, eye-catching impact when worn. The 14K gold construction ensures it will hold up to daily wear and make a lasting style statement.

This ring channels the lion’s legendary courage and leadership. Give it to a man as a token of your admiration for his strength and nobility. He can draw confidence from the powerful motifs each time he slips on this meaningful ring. Any man who lives life to the fullest will appreciate this design’s majestic, wild essence.

Whether he wears it on its own or alongside a wedding band, this lion ring becomes a distinguished part of his accessories collection. It pairs well with rugged leather bracelets, wood bead bracelets, and steel chronograph watches. For formal occasions, the genuineness of the gold and diamonds keeps the design refined and sophisticated. This ring transitions effortlessly from the boardroom to the bar.

Wear This Family Heirloom with Pride

Thanks to its timeless 14K gold quality, this Rylos lion ring will become a family treasure. Pass it down to a son, grandson, nephew or godson as a commemoration of your belief in his strength and potential. Let the lion motif inspire him with its connotations of leadership, justice and courage.

Years from now, the ring will retain its enduring golden glow and sharp detail. The recipient can wear this meaningful heirloom with pride, thinking of your faith in him. He’ll treasure both the ring’s symbolic lion image and the loving familial bond behind it.

Rylos Craftsmanship and Commitment to Quality

Family owned and operated, Rylos has been creating fine jewelry for over 40 years. Skilled artisans handcraft each piece, like sculpting and setting the lion head motif on this ring. Rylos adheres to the highest standards for materials and workmanship.

This ring contains solid 14 karat gold for its luxurious yellow shine and resistance to tarnish. The lion’s details are chiselled with precision to bring out its regal essence. The white and black diamonds are genuine and conflict free. Your chosen birthstone will also be of natural, top quality gemstone material.

Rylos takes customer satisfaction seriously. Each ring comes beautifully packaged so it’s ready for gifting in the sleek included boxes. If for any reason you are not completely happy, return your purchase for a full refund. With Rylos’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and service, you can be confident choosing this brand’s bold, expressive jewelry.

Make a statement and unleash your inner lion with the Rylos 14K Gold Lion Head Birthstone Ring for Men. This powerful design declares your majestic spirit.


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