SMILEST 0.6-4ct D Color VVS1 Clarity Princess Moissanite Stud Earrings in 18K Gold – Hypoallergenic Screw Backs



Make a sparkling statement with these glamorous princess cut moissanite stud earrings from SMILEST. Set in your choice of 18K white, yellow, or rose gold vermeil over sterling silver, a single princess moissanite solitaire dazzles from each ear.

With sizes ranging from 0.6 ct to 4 ct, these brilliant moissanite stones have an impressive D color grade and VVS1 clarity rating to match premium diamond quality and shine. Princess cut maximizes the moissanite’s brilliance with its square shape and pointed corners.

The secure screw back post comfortably hugs the earlobe to keep these stunning studs safely in place. Moissanite’s hardness and durability make these earrings perfect for daily wear. Dress them up or down to suit any occasion from everyday looks to black tie events.

Moissanite is a rare natural gemstone with fire and brilliance exceeding traditional diamonds. Discovered in a meteor crater, moissanite has a cosmic origin story to match its out-of-this-world sparkle.

With a refractive index higher than any other jewel, moissanite stones produce unparalleled fire and light return. Cut to ideal proportions by master jewelers, princess moissanite unleashes the most brilliance and radiance possible.

SMILEST uses only ethically sourced, conflict-free moissanite stones handpicked from their factory. They have over 15 years experience crafting fine moissanite jewelry. Expert gem-cutters shape each moissanite princess for maximum light performance and eye-catching shine.

The four prong basket setting allows light to enter from all sides of the stone. Precious 18K gold vermeil lends a lovely warm tone to complement glowing moissanite. Hypoallergenic metals prevent irritation for comfortable daily wear.

Surprise her with these dazzling moissanite studs for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. Watch her light up as she unwraps the sleek jewelry box to reveal these brilliant princess solitaires.

She’ll love showing off their stunning sparkle at every opportunity. The versatile style matches both casual everyday outfits and dressy evening attire. Bold enough for a statement yet classic enough for daily wear.

Moissanite makes the perfect alternative to diamond for earrings with exceptional brilliance and fire. These lightweight studs have all the sparkle without the exorbitant diamond price tag. Give her the gift of timeless luxury she’ll cherish for years to come.

Product Features:

– Single princess moissanite solitaire set in 4 prong basket

– Sizes from 0.6 ct to 4 ct, 6mm to 9mm

– Near colorless D color grade, VVS1 clarity

– 18K white, yellow, rose gold vermeil over 925 sterling silver

– Screw back post for secure hold

– Ideal proportions cut for maximum brilliance

– Rival diamond in sparkle, fire and durability

– Perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, gifts

She’ll love the beautiful facets and proportions of the princess cut moissanite. Square table and cropped corners create a distinctive crisp silhouette with pointed brilliance.

The princess cut emerged in the 1960s and quickly became a popular modern choice for its fresh geometric look. First created by London cutter Arpad Nagy, the “Barion cut” was later renamed princess cut in honor of Princess Diana.

With its straight edges and angles, princess cut maximizes light return for exceptional radiance. The square shape also retains more carat weight than other cuts. This gives princess moissanite a bold, substantial look and feel on the ear.

SMILEST are experts in crafting fine princess moissanite jewelry with over 15 years experience. Their skilled gem-cutters hand select and cut each raw gem to ideal measurements. This unlocks the most possible brilliance and fire power unique to moissanite.

While diamonds are the traditional engagement ring stone, moissanite makes an excellent eco-friendly alternative. With comparable durability, brilliance and beauty, you get the look of diamond without the ethical concerns or inflated price.

Moissanite’s cosmic origins add to its intrigue and appeal. Powerful volcanic eruptions millions of years ago created the right conditions to form this rare mineral. Discovered by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Henri Moissan in 1893, it carries his name to honor his work.

Give her a gift born from the stars this holiday season. From stocking stuffers to milestone anniversary gifts, moissanite jewelry adds glamour and sparkle to any occasion. Watch her eyes light up as she opens the sleek jewelry box to reveal these dazzling princess studs.

Surprise your leading lady with luxurious everyday earrings she can dress up or down. Their timeless style and brilliant shine will be treasured for a lifetime. Express your sentiments with a gift reflecting the depth of your bond and all the memories you share under the stars.

For fine jewelry with scintillating moissanite fire, choose SMILEST. Their conflict-free stones rival diamond brilliance at a fraction of the price. Give her the gift of light and make lasting memories full of sparkle with moissanite earrings.


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