Venetia Princess Cut 2 Carat Simulated Diamond Engagement Ring Set – A Timeless Symbol of True Love



Make a romantic promise of forever with this exquisite Victorian style engagement ring set by Venetia. At the center sparkles a stunning 2 carat princess cut lab-created diamond, capturing the allure of a mined diamond at a fraction of the cost. This ring radiates brilliance and sophistication, destined to be an heirloom passed down for generations.

The focal point diamond mimics the dazzling fire and light performance of a D color VS1 clarity natural diamond. Cut with a precision hearts and arrows pattern, the stone delivers optimal light refraction and scintillation. Venetia’s advanced laser cutting technology produces unparalleled symmetry and proportions for diamond-like optical precision.

Even in low light, the stone exhibits an explosion of white and rainbow-colored light. The brilliant princess cut maximizes surface area to unleash an awe-inspiring firework display under any lighting. Venetia’s patented Supreme Ideal Cut diamond simulants are proven to be 30% more brilliant than other simulated diamonds on the market.

An Intricately Crafted Setting Evoking Victorian Romance

Holding the exquisite center stone is a classically inspired solid 925 sterling silver setting plated in rhodium for extra shine and tarnish resistance. The Victorian era design features an ornate pattern of interlocking scrollwork and milgrain edges along the band.

Dainty pave-set diamond simulants adorn the shoulders and shank, completing the vintage aesthetic. This ring set fully immerses you in refined old-world charm. From the side view, adelicate curving silhouette and tapered band add dimension.

At 2mm width, the band strikes an ideal balance between sturdy yet feminine. The timeless combination of princess-cut solitaire and pave eternity band makes this a bridal set that will stay cherished through endless anniversaries.

Ethically Sourced, Expertly Crafted

Venetia adheres to strict ethical sourcing and craftsmanship standards. The simulated diamonds contain no natural diamonds and are never mined or traded. Highly skilled jewelers expertly set each stone in intricate solid silver settings.

The polished platinum plate finish gives the rings heightened brilliance and durability. Our rings hold up beautifully through everyday wear and symbolically represent unending devotion.

The Perfect Ring for Your Perfect Love

Surprise your beloved with the gift of forever. Watch her eyes light up as she says yes to a lifetime of love with this arresting 2 carat princess cut engagement ring set. Timeless beauty, brilliant sparkle, and deep sentiment – this bridal set conveys it all.

Venetia specializes in crafting alternative diamond rings that capture the magic of natural diamonds at a fraction of the cost. Our gemstones and ethical designs allow you to give her a gorgeous symbol of your relationship, without the diamond price tag.

Beauty, quality, and meaning come together in this Victorian bridal set. Let Venetia help you make diamond dreams reality on your most special day and beyond.


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